Seven Sinus Headache Solutions

1. Try steam inhalation as one of your sinus headache solutions. Steam inhalation is an excellent way of clearing all the spaces inside. If you have an infection too, steam inhalation can be very soothing. But there is a word of caution that I have to offer here, before you start undertaking this method as one of your sinus headache solutions,

* Be very careful about you eyes. Remember that it is not advisable to expose your eyes to steam and so take care to protect your eyes when you are inhaling steam.

* Another thing that you should be careful about is the temperature of the steam. You just need fairly hot water and not scorching hot, sizzling vapors of water. The object is not to scald your skin but to send some warm vapors up your nose, In fact steam inhalation is one of the most recommended sinus headache solutions.

The point that you should bear in mind is that the sooner you inhale once you get the headache, the faster and more effective your pain relief for severe migraine, will be. If you wait for long hours before you inhale, you are going to have to inhale longer and at shorter intervals in order for the inhalation to be an effective treatment.

2. Menthol vapors too can be used as one of your headaches home remedies. Yes these too can help towards clearing your sinuses. Try dissolving a balm or ointment in the hot water that has to be inhaled. Then inhale the vapors. This is the very best way to inhale menthol vapors.

3. You can also make your own face pack at home using things that are 100% safe on your skin. One of the best face packs that I have come across that is extremely effective is a curd face pack.

What you have to do is chill curd in the refrigerator for a few minutes. If you do not have curd, yogurt will do. Then all you have to do is apply a thin coating of this curd or yogurt on your forehead and on the region around your eyes.

But you must be careful to see that it does not get into your eyes. When you feel that the first coat has dried up apply one more coat. Then lie down with your face up for five to ten minutes.

4. Aerosols are bad for you, they can be triggers as well, so try not to use them as far as possible.

5. Crying is not good for you. When you cry for even a minute or two there is very good chance that the tears will lead to a headache.

If you feel you might start crying, try breathing deeply, or try to lie down and fall asleep. Some situations are unavoidable, but some, like sad movies, are easy to avoid. Use some common sense.

6. Blow your nose often. Blowing your nose helps to get rid of the mucus that accumulates in the sinuses. It is better if you can blow your nose immediately after a steam inhalation.

7. If you have an allergic condition like a dust allergy, stay away from dust as it can trigger an infection. Make sure you change your air filters regularly, and consider buying special filters for people with dust allergies. If you find it impossible to stay away from dust at least wear a gas mask.

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