The Benefit of Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a milky substance produced by the worker bees in a beehive. Their glands give off a rich jelly, called royal jelly, which is manufactured solely in order to nourish the young larvae and sustain the queen. The benefit of royal jelly for them is immense. Royal jelly is secreted and fed to the larvae during their maturation period.

For about three days the larvae receive nothing but royal jelly. Their benefit of royal jelly includes increased weight and strength. They reach their optimum growth level as a benefit of royal jelly. Worker bees live for a maximum of 40 days, and are extremely active, as a result of their royal jelly intake. The royal jelly, which was fed to them earlier, turns them into working machines. Royal jelly is the secret of their stamina, and royal jelly gives worker bees the energy to maintain the hive. They look after every aspect including caring for the next generation of workers, and taking care of their queen.

Royal jelly is not only fed to the larvae, it is the sole nourishment of the queen bee! She receives regular doses of royal jelly for the duration of her life and enjoys the benefit of royal jelly. Well fed and maintained by the worker's and their royal jelly, the queen bee can live for about 4-6 years. After a single fertilization takes place, she produces almost three thousand eggs daily, thanks to the benefit of royal jelly! This feat will continue for about five years, thanks to continual feeds of royal jelly! Royal Jelly has done its job, and the benefit of royal jelly has created a long-lived queen.

Royal jelly, secreted from the head glands of the worker bees, demands a closer inspection. Royal jelly is composed of many different substances and the benefit of royal jelly has been well researched.

Royal jelly contains some substances in only miniscule amounts but these can be powerful catalysts as well as synergists. Royal jelly contains varying amounts of proteins, mineral substances, lipids and glucides. Large amounts of vitamins (vits. B-1, B-2, B-6, C and E) and hormones are also present which add to the benefit of royal jelly. Also found are substances which show the benefit of royal jelly by assisting the regeneration of human body cells.

Royal jelly contains folic acid, niacin, biotin and insitol as well as a large amount of pantothenic acid. Studies on royal jelly have provided scientists with exciting information on the benefit of royal jelly. It seems that royal jelly is excellent for treating hepatitis, pancreatitis and kidney disease. Royal jelly is also helpful in aiding sufferers of gout, arthritis and extreme exhaustion. Acne sufferers report that the benefit of royal jelly is a clearer complexion.

Royal jelly has even been reported to return the faded color to a head of gray hair, which is another benefit of royal jelly. An excellent immune system booster, royal jelly can help to fight off infections. Easily absorbed by the system the benefit of royal jelly helps to achieve a balance and keeps common colds away. Royal jelly has been found to relax insomniacs, and asthmatics find a benefit of royal jelly as well.

Anxiety sufferers find the benefit of royal jelly to be a more relaxed state of mind. Royal jelly can improve mental well-being after a mental breakdown. Much benefit of royal jelly for people with emotional problems has also been documented. Royal jelly can help with the side effects of drugs by counteraction, which is another benefit of royal jelly.

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