Organic Living - Whats That?

Hmmm ? what does organic living mean ? I like to think of it as taking time to BE instead of DO. The concept of being vs. doing can be difficult to grasp. We are really good at making To DO Lists, but who ever really makes a To BE List? Activities that allow us to connect with our hearts and feelings help us learn how to "be" and they are a mighty important contribution to living an EnergyRichlife.

A helpful tool is making a Comfort List (ah-ha other things besides food that can create comfort!), things that bring joy and peace and keep you being good to your body.

Here are a few things from my own list:

? Petting my cat as he cuddles on my lap

? Taking a hot bath

? Reading Oprah Magazine (I like it!)

? Walking in the woods

? Lighting candles before dinner

? Listening to the rain

? Browsing in a "gem" shop with my friend Shira

? Talking on the phone to my LA friend, Alexandra

? Watching the dusk fall

? Writing in my journal

? Making a meal with my boyfriend, Stephen

The more we allow ourselves time for these comforting activities, the more connected we become to our bodies and our lives. Being in the moment is as organic as it can get.

To your health and success, Heather

Heather Dominick is a Nutrition-Energy Consultant accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and creator of The Energy Rich Lifestyle Program?. In addition to her nutrition services, she is a motivating and dynamic speaker.

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