Alternative Health Treatments for People Who Give Too Much

Being a modern traveler, you probably get onto an airplane these days, find your seat, pull out a paperback and tune out those all-important instructions from the flight attendant about emergency procedures. Let me refresh your memory. At some point in the presentation, the flight attendant usually says something like, "Please place the oxygen mask on yourself, before assisting others." Let's follow that profound message for a moment and apply it to your everyday life.

We receive messages on a daily basis that promote the concept that it is better to give than to receive. The truth of the matter is that we can only give something to other people IF we have something to give. Imagine yourself as a pitcher of clear cool water. The water is your care, concern, and positive energy. The water is free, you give it away all the time to the people in your life, it takes nothing away from you. However, once your reach the bottom of the pitcher, if you are still giving, you are depleting your own life force energy. Even though it is possible to continue to give at this point, you will be risking your health and your happiness. It is a self-destructive habit. Refilling yourself with energy to spare is really easy, but it does take a little time. Are you worth it?

Treating yourself well is a great way to refill your energy reserve. Try these easy suggestions.

? Have a Massage.

Massage is a great way to relieve stress and shows your body that you care about it. The benefits of massage can last for days. Before the massage begins, inform your therapist that you will not be talking during the session and that you would like to meditate during the treatment. Be firm about this. Releasing your thoughts is important to real relaxation and healing. I recommend receiving a massage at least once a month. Discount massages can often be obtained at massage schools.

? Take a Bubble Bath.

Relaxing in a tub with soft music, candles, and the essential oil of your choice can be a fabulous way to create serenity. You can use dishwashing soap to make bubbles. Pure essential oils used in a hot bath are absorbed into the skin promoting a physical and emotional sense of well being. I suggest using Lavender essential oil as it is very versatile and is known to create tranquility. Adding a cup of sea salt or Epson salt to your bath will help draw toxins out of your body resulting in even more space for positive influences.

? Drink Original Noni Juice.

Medical research has shown that Noni juice creates positive hormone balancing that regulates your "feel-good" endorphin. Honestly feeling good about yourself and your body becomes a gift that you can share with others. They will sense your positive energy just by being around you. Original Noni Juice also helps rid the body of toxins. Some research is available here:

? Practice Qi-Gong Exercises.

Qi-Gong is an ancient oriental exercise that promotes the building of life force energy. Everyone can do Qi-Gong as it is a series of positions combined with focused attention that has no jarring impact on your joints. Purchase a video that demonstrates Qi-Gong. Once you've become familiar with the positions, you can take short Qi-Gong breaks throughout the day to give your energy level a boost.

To maintain your ability to gift other people with your unique talents and positive energy, you have to take responsibility to "place the mask" on yourself first. These suggestions will get you started, but remain mindful of the things that bring joy to your life and then do them often. Building your life force energy is absolutely worth your time because you are an incredible gift to this world and your health and happiness is important to all the people who love you.

Dawn Breeze-George. Reprint rights granted with article and resource box intact.

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Dawn Breeze-George is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master. Dawn has been practicing Holistic healing for more than 18 years, and is committed to healing the body, mind, and spirit.


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