The Benefits of Drinking Mangosteen (XanGo)

Benefits of Drinking XanGo:

The Mangosteen fruit (XanGo's main ingredient) is unique because of its antioxidants and Xanthones. 43 Xanthones have been found thus far in the Mangosteen. Only a handful of these Xanthones have been studies thus far, with each possessing unique health-enhancing properties. The Mangosteen contains more Xanthones than any other food known to man!

1. Prevents hardening of arteries (Atherosclerosis)

2. Protects the heart muscle

3. Anti-Parkinson, Anti- Alzheimer and other forms of dimentia

4. Anti-Depressant, Anti-Anxiety, in the same botanical category as St. John's Wort

5. Anti-Fungal

6. Anti-Bacterial

7. Anti-Viral, used to treat dermatitis, wound infections, ringworm, acne

8. Anti-Periodontic (fights gum disease)

9. Anti-Diarrheal

10 Fever Reducer

11. Anti-Glaucoma, Anti-Cataract

12. Pansystemic (helps overall body health)

13. Anti-Fatigue

14. Anti-Aging

15. Anti-Obesity (lose weight natural)

16. Anti Lipidemic (lowers LDL)

17. Anti-Tumor

18. Anti-Cancer

19. Lowers Blood Pressure

20. Immunostimulants (stimulates an immune response)

21. Lowers Blood Sugar

22. Anti-Inflammatory

23. Tastes Great!

In case you are curious, as I was, about the scientific evidence found in the professional life science publications, go to the internet location That website is a service of the National Library of Medicine and provides access to over 12 million professional articles dating back to the mid-1960's. A search in their library currently will yield 1152 articles regarding the keyword, "xanthones," and 21 articles regarding the keyword "mangosteen."

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