Suffering from Osteoarthritis? Acupuncture to the Rescue

Keeping in tune with our commitment to providing the latest, medical breakthroughs, I recently had the rare pleasure of speaking with Professor Jorge Vas Ruiz, (Subdirector of the Master University of Acupuncture, ACMAS Huangdi located in Sevilla, Spain) regarding acupuncture's effectiveness on osteoarthritis of the knee.

For over 8 years, Professor Ruiz and his team of elite professors have investigated the effectiveness of Acupuncture treatment. In the past two years, his work focused on a trial of 40 patients whereby acupuncture and relative therapies were applied.

The discoveries were that Acupuncture Techniques relatively proceeded to exceedingly heighten internal healing organisms. Professor Ruiz writes, "The art of traditional Chinese Medicine categorized Osteoarthritis as 'Bi Syndromes,' Blockages in Qi energy circulation, which results in ill health."

From Ancient Widsom, analgesic properties were founded through points of acupuncture. Numerous studies have demonstrated which nervous system neurotransmitters and natural antigens respond to the stimulus of Acupuncture; and how the analgesic effectiveness of acupuncture fine tunes the peptide pathways and allows natural opiote substances into the undefined gray areas. In the case of Osteoarthritis, acupuncture has effectively reduced and alleviated pain improving mobility of the joints, and finally, increasing the quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Recognizing which treatment is greater for the majority as opposed to surgery, our Investigation demonstrated that acupuncture is a good treatment for arthritis of the knee. Normally, 10-12 repetitive treatments are a necessary process depending on seriousness. Normally, patients did not require treatment past 6 months.

Dr. Ruiz further explained that, "...Leading trials from patients affected by chonic neck pain were completed just a month ago and should have published results shortly. Another trial centered on acupuncture's effectiveness on shoulder pain involving 500 patients is set to begin in one month as well."

In closing, Professor Ruiz elaborated that, "Overall, the process of osteoarthritis responds well to acupuncture. Depending on one's initial stage of arthritis, this medical treatment can effectively help with pain and inflammation."

Professor Jorge Vas Ruiz is the Subdirector for, ACMAS Huangdi a practicing and teaching university of Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine. His research has been featured on several medical media journals, including the British Medical Journal.


12/2004 Suffering from Osteoarthritis? Acupuncture to the Rescue Report by,
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