Bling Therapy - Healing with Gemstones

From jeweled necklaces to ankle bracelets, and all the tops and bottoms in between, we suddenly see Bling on every one and every thing! You instinctively knew that something about diamonds and rubies made you feel good when you first saw them sparkle on your friends, and they made you feel even better when they were shining on you.

However, did you know that many of the gemstones we have come to know and love as Bling could actually heal you both physically and emotionally? Yes, now you can justify owning gems in every color because more and more evidence is surfacing that they can actually heal you. As Bling is dominating the fashion scene from the living room all the way to the red carpet, it is not just for frivolity anymore. Bling is much more than simply a fashion statement ~ it is a newly recognized medicine ~ a healing energy that has been used for centuries.

After years of study, practitioners of alternative medicine and complementary health, as well as acupuncturists and even some forward thinking medical doctors now recognize gemstone therapy as a legitimate healing art. It is a form of energy medicine that is on the cutting edge of health care. In a time when we are all looking for a cure and realizing that many of the traditional treatment methods are not only laden with side effects, but simply do not work, gemstone therapy is certainly worth a try. Besides, Daahling, what other therapy offers glamour as a side effect?

Many professional and even Olympic athletes are reporting dramatic improvements in their performance when using various therapeutic gemstones. Glen Christiansen, a Swedish Olympic record holder, has now broken nine world-swimming records! Glen reports, "the experience that I am having with the Green Tourmaline necklace is that it gives me a lot of strength. And I recover faster from hard workouts. (Curiously enough, it gives me more sexual interest and power.)" He definitely recommends the Green Tourmaline to athletes who do endurance sports like swimming, bike riding, tri-athletes, marathon runners, and athletes who do technical sports like golf and tennis.

Athletes are not the only ones discovering the healing qualities of beautiful stones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars are proudly wearing their latest Bling ~ beautiful, therapeutic gemstone necklaces. Television actress Bonnie Hunt reports that she "feels calmer" after putting on her Mother of Pearl necklace. Clint Eastwood, Uma Thurman, and Angela Bassett all own Carnelian necklaces which promote vitality and happiness, and the lovely Halle Berry has a necklace made of Leopardskin Jasper to bring harmony into her life. Whether they are seeking strength, emotional support, spiritual uplifting, or physical healing, stars can easily have it all as they work, play, and even as they walk the red carpet (is that work or play?).

The good news is that gemstone therapy is becoming more common and is for not only athletes and celebrities, but is available to anyone wanting to experience it. According to Michael Katz, author of GEMSTONE ENERGY MEDICINE, Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit, "?a minor revolution has taken place. The paradigm on which energy medicine practices are based has become more widely accepted. This paradigm sees the human being as an integral part of a universe in which, on a fundamental level, matter is a form of energy. In this paradigm, each person is a unique system of interconnected fields of energy and information. Treatments used in energy medicine address this most fundamental level of the human form, affecting the very stuff of which we are made. These treatments target the underlying causes of illness and discontent, rather than merely the symptoms. By using this approach, energy medicine aims not only to improve our health but to transform it. Today this new, energetic model of the human being and human health is not only embraced by large numbers of people, it has excited the interest of many physicians and medical researchers."

Michael Katz has been exploring gemstones as energy medicine since 1988. He has seen a lot of progress in this field and says; "Doctors and patients are experiencing that energy medicine works - often where conventional medicine does not. Chronic debilitating illnesses, common ailments, aches, pains, and everything in between have responded to energy medicine practices. Energy medicine is shedding light on the true nature of health and disease and offering solutions to seemingly intractable health problems - often leaving those who practice it healthier and more vital than they thought possible.

One of the most powerful forms of energy medicine is gem therapy. Here, too, a change has taken place. Once relegated to the fringes of the healing arts, the therapeutic uses of gems were not widely adopted by either doctors or the public. Offering neither a coherent model of the human being's energetic nature nor precise therapy protocols and tools, gem therapy practices were inconsistent at best and ineffective at worst. Today, all that has changed. Pioneering information and effective new practices are allowing gem therapy to take its rightful place as a cornerstone of energy medicine."

Mr. Katz goes on to say "thousands of people around the world - physicians, homemakers, Olympic athletes, business people, celebrities, and many others - have come to experience remarkable healing by applying therapeutic gems with these new methods. Confirmed during over a decade of clinical experience, these discoveries have yielded gem therapies that work - both as primary treatments and as complements to other healing modalities. Emotional maladies, mental complaints, and acute and chronic illnesses of all kinds have responded to these gem therapies in unprecedented and exciting ways."

Discover for yourself that Bling is not just for beauty anymore. Get serious about your jewelry and choose stones to compliment personal areas where you need support. Select your gems carefully and they will not only make you look good ~ they could also make you well!

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