REIKI is a form of natural healing through direct application of Universal Life Force Energy, or CHI (the term used by Chinese mystics and martial artists for the underlying Universal force, otherwise, energy). Through Reiki, energy is thought to be effected by thought. Reiki implies that our energy can be shaped and manipulated by thought patterns.

Both Quantum Physics and ancient Metaphysics incorporate this unique understanding of Reiki. As in ancient times when Jesus walked our Earth, Reiki would be the explanatory cause to His miraculous healing touch. Research shows that prayer imporves health for those who are being prayed for; in other words, the thoughts have transcended to reality. Reiki is very easy to learn, simple to use and very beneficial. A technique of application, Reiki, utilizes an energy force commonly known as vibration. (This term is merely descriptive of how the energy feels.)

Reiki healing is performed easily as a practitioner places his or her hands upon the person to be healed, confident that the healing will indeed occur; then the energy strats to flow. (Reiki can also be performed on one's self.) Reiki energy simply knows where to go, what to do when it gets there as if it is being guided by a Higher Force. Reiki's energy manages its own flow to and internally of the recipient. Drawing from the healer the precise amount of energy which the client needs.

The possibilites of Reiki healing are endless. Limits of Reiki are confined only to the willingness of the recipients to cast off old habits and the acceptance of transformation and healing. Reiki, performs through energy structure of matter. As Einstein eqated each unit of mass' equivalence to precise amounts of energy - Reiki operates through the notion that anything can be changed because all is like fluid and is movable. Theoretically, Reiki can heal emotional issues as well as physical ones. Reiki is the return to "greater wholeness;" therefore, a passage to healing and well-being.

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