All Natural Shampoo - 5 Tips

All Natural Shampoo - 5 Tips

Here are 5 tips to ensure you are buying a true all natural shampoo product, even though the label may say all natural.

  • All natural shampoo will not contain as an ingredient SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate. This additive is only added to ensure the shampoo bubbles, and forms a thick lather, neither of which ensure your hair is actually clean. This is the same additive added to oven cleaners. SLS is a known, and much publicized skin irritant.

  • No SLES is listed in the ingredients. This is a sister chemical to the SLS. While SLES is not quite as much of a skin irritant, it definitely causes drying of the skin. You should avoid SLS and SLES at all costs.

  • No PEG is added. This ingredient is normally listed as PEG-with a number behind it. Also a strong skin irritant. One of the main ingredients if brake fluid.

  • No term fragrance will be listed in the ingredients. Fragrance is just an artificially derived chemical, which is cheap to use and makes the shampoo have an aroma to it. This is also a know skin irritant. All natural shampoos will be fragrance and enhanced with pure essential oils.

  • No artificial colors, preservatives, or ingredients added.
  • Just a quick check of the label will ensure you are truly buying an" target="new">All Natural Shampoo product.

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