Do You Have Difficulty in Waking Up On Dark Winter Mornings?

Our daily internal body clocks or circadian rhythms synchronise the timing of our wake/sleep patterns and our interactions with the outside world.

Our body clocks are naturally conditioned and cued to respond to light signals or 'zeitbeigers' to awake at sunrise and sleep at night. Any disruption to these deeply ingrained biological rhythms can affect our body clock making us feel tired, listless, moody, irritable, depressed and crave carbohydrates and more easily succumb to illness.

Waking up to the shrill burst of an alarm clock when it is dark can send shudders through the system. In winter most of us have to wake up when it's dark, when our body clocks want to wake up at dawn. We are constantly toying therefore with our biological clocks in this way getting into unnatural sleep wake patterns and that's why the short and long term effects on our health can be profound.

LUMIE Sunrise Alarm Clocks are an amazing invention, employing circadian principles to work in harmony with our circadian rhythms. Changing over to waking up with LUMIE Sunrise Alarm Clocks can be life changing. It's the gentlest most natural wake up call, especially on those dark gloomy mornings - waking up will never be such a trial again!

With the LUMIE Sunrise Alarm Clocks (Three Models - Standard, Classic and Advanced) as your preset waking time approaches, the clocks light begins to gradually shine from a feint glow becoming brighter when its time to wake. It might not be easy to believe but the light wakes you up every time. (If you're still not convinced there is a back up alarm).

When waking up to a dawn simulation - where ever you are - your body clock tells you its time to wake. None of that wanting just a few minutes more -and more - and more??- you wake up refreshed and bright - full of energy and ready for the day ahead - everyday!

You can also use the clocks relaxing sunset mode to help you get to sleep naturally too. When you are ready to go to sleep, switch off your overhead light and switch on the LUMIE Sunset sequence. As the light dims from bright to feint - and finally off so your body clock responds and begins to adjust to sleep, the body unwinds and relaxes and falls away into deep and refreshing sleep??.


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