How You Can Learn To Treat Depression

When a person undertakes a course of therapy through their doctor, and there is no improvement, they may be suffering from a treatment resistant depression.

This is difficult, and takes time to diagnose, since by its nature, depression is not an illness that can be cured with a ten-day course of drugs, like an infection.

Depending on the physician's assessment, a patient may start out on a mild tricyclic drug, which can be replaced with something that has better results for more involved cases. They may also recommend concurrent counseling with a psychologist or psychiatrist, to work on the underlying issues that have caused the illness.

Some conditions, like post partum depression, and bi-polar disorders are chemically related, and even multiple changes of medication may not do enough to break through the cycle of dark moods and thoughts. In that event, the next recommendation may be for a stay in a treatment facility for depression.

Treatment resistant depression can be better addressed in an environment where a patient is closely monitored for both behavioral and mood changes, and possibly for blood tests to assess the therapeutic level of a drug in their system.

The secure surroundings of a treatment facility for depression, are often reassuring to patients who are highly strung, nervous and anxious. With counseling, and other therapies, people suffering from post partum depression or other depressive disorders, have a chance to get back on an even keel, so that they can actively participate in their own recovery.

While there is such a thing as treatment resistant depression, there are also answers to that resistance, and consultation with your doctor, will help you find them.

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