Helping Happiness Along

Happiness is worth helping along.

The benefits of being a happy person are huge. We live longer, live healthier, and live more lively lives.

Unfortunately, all but the most highly-evolved among us have our less-than-happy moments. Fortunately, we can do simple things to recapture a happy mood if we find ourselves lacking one.

I found an article that starts, "Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness is more than pasting a smile on your face."

True, but that is a great start.

Pasting a smile on your face, even if forced, gets the happiness engine started. If you are from the North, a forced smile is like a jump start on a frigid morning.

Even though you are still freezing, you got started.

Another strategy is to force yourself to take a few deep breaths.

Something about our internal hardwiring will not allow us be negative and well-oxygenated at the same time.

A few deep breaths clears the head, relieves tension, and relaxes the posture. After some deep breathing, we hold our bodies in a way more conducive to a happy state of mind.

Another trick is to laugh.

We can do this the sane way or the insane way.

The sane way is to find something to laugh about. In my experience, this is the option most people choose.

This could be as simple as going to a joke website or watching a stand-up show on Comedy Central.

The insane option is the funniest, most self-reliant, and the most private. We can start laughing for no apparent reason, except to recapture the state of happiness.

I've done this and it works. However, for obvious reasons, don't try this at home, unless you are alone.

However you do it, help happiness along.

It's closer that you think.

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