Today It Is ... Tomorrow It Will Be ...

What is your life like today? What do you want it to be like tomorrow? Today it is a good life for my wife and I. We are enjoying retirement and spending the winters in Florida. Basically we are satisfied with the way our life is going for the moment. But tomorrow it will be even better.

We are a couple that is always looking for more joy and excitement in our lives. We are not opposed to change, for from it. In fact we will not settle for the mediocre life. That's why we spend the winters in Florida where the weather is great and the community where we live is ideal, too. I especially don't like the winters in Indiana. My wife doesn't mind the seasonal changes but I do. So we compromise. We spent half a year in Florida and the other half in Indiana. Not only that but this is a new Florida home for us in the last year.

About a eighteen months ago we decided we didn't like the community we were living in and decided it was time to make a change. The condo in this community was very nice but there were no planned activities. Our Indiana friends were satisfied but we were not.

Boredom was beginning to overtake both of us. To solve that situation we decided it was time for a change. After a few months and many miles traveling around we finally found the ideal place. Now our new home is in a manufactured home community complete with a beautiful clubhouse with all the amenities and weekly planned activities. We love it here and we are making a lot new friends, too. Today is a a good life ... tomorrow will be even better.

As we advance in years our "todays" will always be a good life but our "tomorrows" will always be even better. Are we the type couple who are always hard to please? No, we just aren't the type to settle for the "simple life" Oh! we don't necessarily strive for the luxurious life. A very comfortable life ... a financially secure life ... a joyful lfe with lots of caring friends ... reasonably good health, that's what we want.

It's a shame that many of our friends, who we use to visit and enjoy, don't feel the same as we do. They are thinking "old". They aren't very active. They aren't very healthy. They aren't much fun anymore. They are literally "dying" before their time. We still associate with some of them but not too often anymore.

My wife and I decided when we retired we were going to have "the best time of our life for the rest of our life" if we possibly could. It only happens that way if you want it to happen. Granted some people have severe health problems that prevent them from doing things they love to do. But many people create their own unexciting and boring lives simply because they think their age or their health is the factor.

How do you stand on this issue? Are you enjoying life to the fullest? Do you try to think young? Do you stay active? If not, then get my book. It a wonderful guide for teaching you many ways to enjoy your "Golden Years" Wow! I didn't know how much fun these years could be.

Sonny Julius is a retired sales supervisor. Prior to his sales career he spent 30 years in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with that business he decided it was time to leave it and pursue a sales career. His interest in the internet eventually led him to write an ebook geared to senior citizens. The ebook is a guide for living the senior lifestyle.

He is President of S A & Associates, and is devoted to teaching senior citizens "How To Have The Time Of Their Life For The Rest Of Their Life" For more information go to:">


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