Magickal Baths

Taking a Magickal Bath doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as running to your local drug or beauty supply and buying a product that is appropriately scented or contains an herb or essential oil. The important thing about taking one of these baths, no matter how humble or expensive the ingredients are, is to meditate on your intention while you are sitting in the tub.

You can get a little fancier, by making an infusion from flowers, herbs or other elements. Brewing the herbs as you would brew a cup of herbal tea and then pouring the strained infusion into your bath water is the easiest way to make an infusion. You can also put the ingredients in a cheesecloth bag that hangs over the bathtub faucet and have the hot water run through the ingredients. In some cases you can actually buy tea bags and just toss them in the water. I'm a purist so personally I love to throw the entire herb, flower or vegetable in the bath. It makes me feel like I am Cleopatra having a bath in ancient Egypt or like some kind of wicked harlot getting ready for her Roman Soldier.

However if you do decide to get really into the food aspect of this make sure you have some kind of strainer on your drain so that stuff doesn't flow down your pipes. What can I say? Some miracles can be quite "messy."

Below are a couple of "quick fixes" for aspiring witches on the run.

ALL PURPOSE AURA CLEANER: Half a cup of sea or Epsom salts plus half a cup of baking soda dumped in the tub is the potion used to purify the aura and clear it of all negative attachments so that you are surrounded by a rainbow of opportunities again.

BARLEY WATER BATH: This is for protection and to dispel evil with a capital E. This is definitely the one to do if you are feeling haunted by something that seems unseemly and of supernatural origin. Boil whole barley until it is soft in a pot. Drain and save the water. Pour into the bath. Bad spirits will run like hell.

CHAMOMILE: Chamomile not only relaxes you, but you can use it as a magical bath to draw money to you. Many preparations are available commercially but you can also make an infusion out of the buds or even throw the buds directly into the bath. I do not advise this if you are allergic to ragweed.

CHOCOLATE CHERRY BATH: Ok this one is completely decadent and is designed to bring more erotic pleasure into your life. First of all you should know that there are commercial chocolate bubble bath preparations out there on the market, but they can be somewhat hard to find in some areas. So what you need to do first, is mix yourself up a little glass of chocolate milk. The milk is good for your skin and the chocolate raises your serotonin levels - the pleasure chemicals in your brain. It also makes the water a very nice loving looking pink. You dump this into the tub as the hot water is pouring into the tub and then you pop nine whole cherries into the bath with you. Then you are supposed to sit there and eat each cherry, while imagining what a good time you are going to have with your lover. The little bobbing cherries are like all your "little ducks" lined up in a row when it comes to your romantic intentions. Rinse off good after this. You'll need it.

FAME AND GLORY BATH: This one is from Lexa Rosean (author of The Supermarket Sorceress series of books). I tried it and I LOVED it. Cut an apple in nine pieces, or alternately throw nine whole shiny apples into the tub. Use green and golden apples if you want your fame to come with some money attached. Then add nine bay leaves. Get in the tub and immerse yourself for exactly nine minutes, and then get out. It is supposed to be a good one for artists and writers.

GINGER-LIME BATH: You can buy this commercially (made by Ombra). Which is way easier than grating the ginger, peeling the lime and making a "bath tea" out of it, or you can cut up some ginger and lime and make an infusion of it a pot. The ginger is to relax and focus you and the lime is for self-control, discipline and a clear head. This is a great bath for those who need to "get down to business fast."

FRUIT BLOSSOM BATHS: Once again these are available commercially which will do, but it is really really nice to take a handful of blossoms from a tree and dump them in your bath. Apple Blossoms, Apricot Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms and Orange Blossoms all correspond to the planet Venus and are ideal for attracting love, fidelity and marriage proposals.

HONEYSUCKLE: You can buy this as a bubble bath or once again, just throw the flowers into the tub. Honeysuckle attracts wealth, riches, honours, marriage proposals and treasures. This is one way to draw the bird to the blossom. It also honours Chuparosa - the Divine Hummingbird of Love.

HOPS: You can buy hops in a commercially prepared bubble bath (OMBRA) or you can pour half a cup of beer in the bath for spiritual cleansing (and also a peaceful sleep.) David from Psychic Realm suggests combining a half a cup of sea salt, the juice of a lemon and a half of cup of beer for spiritual purification and protection from astral attack.

LAVENDER: Lavender corresponds to the planet Mercury and is used to improve communication, attract happiness and achieve piece of mind. It is also a very seductive flower that was used by prostitutes as a magic charm to attract customers many years ago. Many commercial preparations are available, but throwing in a few of the live buds might bring you a wealthy and generous lover.

OAT BEAUTY BATH: OK, most of us don't live near a field, but if you gather your own oats and throw the sheaves into the bathtub with you, you are performing a significant act of magical transformation. Oats are very feminine and appeal to the Goddess energies. They soften the skin, make the eyes glow and give you a youthful appearance. You can throw a cup of raw, uncooked oats into the bath if you're in hurry or you can buy a commercial preparation. Aveeno makes a good one.

ORANGE AND MINT LEAVES: This is a bath to make yourself more attractive and your skin smell really nice. Take nine mint leaves and nine orange segments and dump them in the bath with you. You don't have to eat the mint and orange leaves this time (thank God) but you can if you get hungry.) When you get out of the bath, you are not supposed to rinse off, just towel yourself off lightly so that the scent lingers. You could also try mixing an orange bath gel with a mint one.

PINEAPPLE: Pineapple juice is used to bring luck, money and wealth, and if you are a savage purist, you can throw nine chunks of the raw stuff right in your bath. However I warn you, that it is pretty messy. Some people prefer to throw in the dried rinds. Just adding a spoonful of the juice or making an infusion from the dried rinds and immersing yourself from head to toe in it for a couple of minutes should make you luckier than a leprechaun.

ROSE: Roses correspond to Venus and attract love, luck and protection. There are tons of rose-scented products on the market, including essential oils - though David from Psychic Realm points out that Essential Rose Oil is incredibly expensive and you may want to stick with fragrance oils used in perfumes and baths. If you want to go all out and make yourself a powerful love attracting bath, tint the scented water pink with a touch of food colouring and cast a pinch or two some multicoloured glitter (from a craft store) in there to strengthen your magical intentions.

ROSEMARY: Rosemary is a powerful "wish granting" herb. Ombra makes an excellent commercial bath, but you can make an infusion of this from the spice jar in your cupboard or put a bit of the essential oil in your bath (but make it just one drop - rosemary is strong and can irritate the skin - so I mean it, use one drop!) A bath in rosemary uplifts the spirits and is used to create lust, attract love and improve communication skills. It is also corresponds to the Virgin Mary, so if you are in need of a lucky break, a bath in this may enable you to be shown some mercy.

SAFFRON BATH: Saffron was sacred to the Moon and Fertility Goddess, Ashtoreth. Saffron is a very expensive spice and you need to only add a couple of strands to your bath water to turn it a yellow colour. Don't add too much or you will turn yellow. You'll be a jaundiced colour. So either make an infusion from it first or just add one strand. Saffron was used to purify oneself before healing rituals, increase psychic powers and also attract love, happiness, lust, and strength.

SAGE BATH: Sage is an herb of wisdom. Make a brew of the herb and pour it into your bath. Some companies (like Ombra and Kniepp) make a sage bath, but you can also just buy the tea bags. This is a good bath to take just before studying for a test or if you are trying to find a solution to a problem.

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