SOLD! Again! Contrast Can Work FOR You

Have you ever had an experience where everything you wanted had come to you and THEN you discovered something that seemed to spoil the entire event?

That's what happened to me last week when everything I asked for regarding the sale of my house was granted--only the sale did not go through.

I had been flying so high in the joy of selling my house to the perfect buyer, that I really 'hit the wall' at high speed, when the buyer failed to meet the closing deadline (even though we extended it a few days!).

"What went wrong?"

"Why didn't I foresee that?"

"What happened with the Focus Wheel?"

"How could I have prevented this?"

I felt every type of emotion that we call "negative"--I felt, abandoned, betrayed, confused, hurt, angry--you name it and I felt it!

AND at the same time, I knew there was a lesson in this event.

First, I let my closest friends and supporters know what had happened and how it made me feel. They did not let me down! They continued to hold pure positive energy for me around the sale of my house. One person asked: "Do you think there is no one else who wants to buy your house?" (Well, I secretly thought that no one else would meet all the criteria I'd placed around my Focus Wheel.) Another friend counselled, "Keep showing the house to as many people as possible. It will sell again." Others sent me messages of love and acceptance and expressed their conviction that the house would sell again.

A friend really spoke to me by sharing her own personal experience of having manifested the "perfect" situation, only to have it turn into the "event from hell". She brought to light the important lesson: You didn't do anything wrong. You will always experience Contrast so that you can find out what ELSE you want.

So, I added another spoke to my Focus Wheel: "The buyer of this house eagerly completes the deal on time."

Then, I set my intention on FEELING GOOD AGAIN!

I found a place that sells packing boxes dirt cheap and bought some large sized boxes. I mowed the grass, trimmed the hedge and cleaned out the pond.

I took "gratitude walks" and gave thanks for my house, this city and all the wonderful people and events that have taken place here. I worked on projects that brought me great joy! I watched a couple of funny movies with my daughter!! Yes! I began to feel good again.

Within 24 hours the house had SOLD! again! And for more money!!

Now, as we complete the conditions of sale, I have a different attitude. I know that the house isn't sold until the SOLD sign is in place. AND I know that if something "seems" to go wrong, it is simply an opportunity to learn something NEW about what I truly want.

CONTRAST is the Universe's way of giving us MORE of what we truly want.

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