You are Where You are Because You Decided to be There

The decisions we make everyday have a big impact on where we are in life, both spiritually and physically. Often these decisions are the 'safe' choices. People don't often venture too far off from familiar paths or too far out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves. As Aristotle the great Greek philosopher said, "Man perpetuates the familiar," and especially teens. The obvious reason not wanting to appear different than their friends. They are afraid of being teased or ostracized from their peer group if they venture too far. They rather let opportunities pass them by than be shunned by the group that helpes define them.

Teenagers do you find yourself in a rut? If so, be honest with yourself and determine why. Are your friends holding you back from venturing forth? Are you concerned about what they might say? If they are true friends they will be the first to encourage you, if they don't, ask yourself, then ask them why. The answer you arrive at should indicate to you whether they are a true friend. Odds are they will be encouraging and perhaps follow your lead. You will have then become a trend setter. Be bold and rise above the crowd. Start immediately. All progress starts but with a single step.

Parents help your teen with gentle encouragement. Perhaps post notes on their pillow or in their lunch bag. Let them know how much you believe in them. For more information on decision making visit

Ann Marie Parisi is a senior at Cal Luteran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. She is also a published author.


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