Things To Do To Beat The Blues

As moms we all tend to get the blues, we are always running here and running there. It is very important to take time for you!

Being a mom there is so much pressure not just from the outside but from what we put on ourselves also we all need to learn to take a break once in awhile and be able to revive our body and soul in order to be all we can be.

I have found a few things that I like to do whenever I feel the blues creeping up on me. Here is a list of things I enjoy doing and always helps me.

Warm up.

Give yourself 15 minutes in the morning so you can wake up slowly, set the alarm clock for 15 minutes before you really need to get up so that you can have the satisfaction of hitting the snooze button at least once.

Eat a 3-piece breakfast.

The 3 components of a good breakfast are carbs, proteins, and fats.

Cereals with milk or wheat toast or muffins...for protein consider adding low fat yogurt or cottage cheese, or a small piece of chicken or fish.

Arrest the energy robbers.
Problems at home or on the job try to deal with them ASAP they rob you of your sleep....

Turn off to turn on.
Instead of watching TV read a book instead.

Work out to rev up.

Tackle one thing at a time
Make lists, set priorities, and chart your progress...that way you can see how well you are really doing.

Take one a day.
One multi vitamin a day can help boost both your immune system and help you feel better, especially if you don't eat right.

Put out the fire.
Stop smoking.
Ok I need to do this one...

Just say no!
Learn to delegate things...another one for me to do!!!

Make lunch your big meal.
Eat your biggest meal during the day then follow up with a 20-minute walk.

Tune in.
Listen to some fast pace music. Like U2, Shania Twain, whatever makes you feel like moving?

Curb your caffeine
1-2 cups a day is ok, remember not only the coffee but also all the pop or sodas you drink.

Rebecca White is a mom to 3 very active boys. Over the years she has learned in order to be the best for her family she needs to actively take time for herself daily. She has written an e-book called "Time for Moms-How one "Supermom" Learned how to revive her Body and Soul"">


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