Happiness - A Matter of Focus

Imagine for a moment you have been given a task. That task is to count the number of times five basketballs are passed between a group of people who are running around each other. Assuming that the exercise requires your full concentration, what is the chance that you would notice a gorilla walk right into the middle of the group, beat it's chest and then walk away again? Should be obvious right?

Well according to a study conducted at Harvard university, in some circumstances as little as eight percent of people notice the gorilla!

The reason is that our perception often has a lot to do with what we are focusing on, and less to do with what is really there. In order to process complex information we have to delete most of what goes on around us. For example, before now did you notice how your shirt felt against your skin? When was the last time you blinked?

So the question is, if you are pessimistic - if you focus on what is negative in a situation rather than what is positive - what will your reality be? It is highly likely that if you focus on bad, you will see and hear the bad and miss the good.

Being pessimistic is not the same as being 'realistic'. It is stripping your life of pleasure. Looking for the good in every situation has the opposite affect. The more good you look for, more more good (and happiness) you will get.

(C) Copyright Petra Rankin 2005

Petra Rankin used powerful techniques to beat her own long-term depression. She is now dedicated to teaching others how to be happier and lead more successful lives. Her first book www.briefbooks.com.au/freebook.htm">Fast Track Your Success and Happiness is due to be launched in September 2005 and is currently available for download as a www.briefbooks.com.au/freebook.htm">free e-book instead of paying $19.95. Limited time only!


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