Happiness - Work Now or Later?

Long-term success and happiness follows hand-in-hand with strength of character.

As I mention in my book, Fast Track Your Success and Happiness, If we want to achieve a certain goal, we simply must do things that are less pleasant now than other alternatives have the potential to be. For example, if John wants to get a degree, he has to study for his exams, and not bliss out at the beach.

In order to become a person who manifests health, wealth, success, education etc in our lives, we have to want and be motivated to do those things that we don't always like to do. Once we become motivated because we have a specific purpose for doing those things, they become satisfying because we can see our lives moving in the right direction.

Life is certainly a journey. And it is not a journey where we board a train and know our destination in advance. We actually create our own destination by the steps we take today. So for me, becoming the kind of person who can amass wealth and then give it to charity, the kind of person who can love without expecting back, and the kind of person who can achieve the wildest goals, is well worth any unpleasantness I might have to experience now.

In having that mind set, the hard work it takes to achieve our goals doesn't seem unpleasant. Even if we never achieve the goals we set, we will be well on our way to developing an amazing strength of character.

(C) Copyright Petra Rankin 2005

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