Live Happily Ever After!

So many people overwork themselves literary in the quest for happiness. Many claim that they will truly be happy when they become famous, earn a degree, become rich etc? However, what happens when the desire goal is attain? Nothing! They get excited for a second or two and go back to living miserably until, something good happens again and who knows how long that will take.

I do not know about you but, to me it is ridiculous. Have you seen the headline news of the rich and famous that dwell their sorrows on drugs? Not too long ago I heard that a musician tried to commit suicide. I was shocked to hear the news and could not help but wonder: What in the world possessed him to do such a thing? Apparently he seem to have everything health, money, fame. But, only he knows what drove him to take such an extreme measure. However, there is something I do know; we are living in a world where financial/ material possessions are the most important factors. People are valued by their role in life /social status. Parents often say I want my child to become a doctor, lawyer etc. But, you hardly ever hear I just want my child to be a happy adult, even when that is their true intention. In turn children are learning that one must strive for success. But, what about being happy? It is not taught in a household where parents are struggling to be happy one day.

In order to be content people must not search for happiness. Huh? I will explain. Happiness does not come as a package with money, beauty fame, etc. and should definitely not be sought after. Happiness is already there waiting for you to shift your focus and just feel the joy. It is a momentary thing and the only way to lead a happy life is by increasing the situations that make you feel blissful such as hobbies, accomplishments, being with friends, family, traveling, changing your thoughts etc. Although, you must keep in mind that leading a happy life does not mean that you will never ever feel grouchy, sad, etc. Life is never going to be perfect but, as long as you can remember the true principle of happiness you will be okay.

If you do not believe me observe the true masters of happiness "children" they are happy despite any circumstances. See how excited they get when they see their loved ones, when they get a present regardless of the price, for activities they choose to "play". Of course, as adults our world is more complex but, it does not mean we can not lead a happy life.

Be Happy Now,

Kenia Morales


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