A Great Life? How to Score Your Life

Is your life really the life you want?

Quickly determine how great your life is by answering "Yes" or "No" to the following questions.

Even if you already know how great your life is, do you know what you can change to make it better?


Each question has a "Yes" or "No" answer.

"Yes" means you agree with the question. "No" means you disagree with the question.

Important: If you do not agree with the question completely, mark your answer "No."


Do you wake-up in the morning without an alarm?

Do you wake-up without hitting the snooze bar on your alarm, at least once?

Do you find that you are on time as often as you would like?

Is it rare for you to be mad or angry?

Is it rare for you to be overwhelmed or out of control?

Is it rare for you to be annoyed or frustrated?

Do you have enough time?

Do you have enough money?

Is your job the best job you could ever have?

Are you a great listener?

Are you amazed by the number of talented people you know?

Are you considerate of others when you are running late? Do you have friends who trust and support you?

Do you have a fun life?

Are you living the life you want?

Scoring your results:

Each "Yes" is worth 1 point. Total the number of questions you agreed with, or answered "Yes" to.


You are loving and living life.

Your friends love to spend time with you. Your someone who has strong and lasting relationships.

You are a success in business and life. You welcome each day and look forward to each new experience and the opportunity it brings.

Something you might ask yourself is; "am I making the contribution to others that I want to make?" or "How could I make a bigger difference with others in need?"

Your life looks like a "10" and the idea of having your life be a "12" never even occurred to you.

11 - 14:

Life is good for you. It could be better and still it could be much worse.

You are generally happy. You enjoy what you do and may be open to something new.

You have more friends than most and enjoy spending time with them.

You feel successful.

You may have a sense of incompleteness, despite your success. You might find yourself on occasion wondering what is missing, "how could I make my life a 10?"

7 - 10:

Life has it's moments for you. You have had your 15 minutes of fame, probably more than once.

You do know what it feels like to be a success, although it doesn 't seem to last as long as you would like.

You have had your share of struggles, your 15 minutes of "SHAME!" Mistakes are not uncommon for you.

You don 't have as many friends as you would like and may not like to socialize to much.

You may have a strong opinion. Often finding yourself in a "right" or "wrong" struggle with others, something you and them could do without.

If you were to rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, you might say 7 or less.

You might be asking yourself "what can I do to change my life?" or "why doesn't it workout like I planned?" or even "what am I missing?"

6 or less:

Relationships are a challenge for you.

You might feel like everyone is against you.

Work, if you are employed is not fun at all. It is just enough to pay the bills.

You might feel that all your choices are already made for you.

You might not have a question, instead you might constantly be thinking to yourself "That's just the way it is!"

You might even be use to things not working, or going your way. You may think there is always a "winner" and a "loser" and you feel like you are the loser most of the time.

Your theme song might be, "Life is not fair!"

Final thoughts:

So, what did you find out, are you living a great life?

Yes, it is a simple quiz, and still are you happy with the results?

Is this where you thought you would be at this point and time in your life?

If you added 3 points to your score, how much better would your life be?

You have a choice, you have options, we all do. The first step is to recognize that you do have a choice. Then, if you are not happy with your results, change your score and you will change your life.

I show people "how" to change their score in life.

PS: Share this quiz with a friend or a significant other. Have fun and see what you learn...

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