In Pursuit of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness, what will we do as women? Whatever we possibly can. We want to do things for ourselves, but always put others before us. What's the result of this? Resentment.....we start resenting our spouses, kids, family, etc.., but never stopped to take a look to see why we deferred our dreams.

Women it is time that you started thinking for yourselves....not allowing your spouses or family to make decisions for you. Sometimes they only make the decisions that will have you five years from now thinking, what happened to my dream? Oh I know, my husband, family, or kids said to wait until they accomplished all they needed. When it's your time to start accomplishing, you'll be too tired to do anything.

Get up now and start your own businesses, wives get out of the house and start gaining some career never know what may happen in the marriage if he decides he wants to trade you in. At least you'll have skills and can live on your own and take care of the kids.

So with this written, In Pursuit of Happiness, be a Go-Getter. Stop putting others before you and make your dreams come true. Be Happy.....Do What You Want for a change and love every minute of it!

To Your Happiness,

Monica M. Burns

copyright2005 Monica M. Burns

Monica M. Burns is a small business owner, an author contributing to several anthologies, and publisher of Monica Burns, Inc. website and weekly newsletter. To find out more email her at