What The Bleep Are You So Happy About?

Could you stand to have a lot more happiness in your life? I've tried all kinds of self-help techniques and have suddenly found much more happiness and fun than ever before. It's fast, it's easy, and you can see results within a week. I was inspired by two sources: the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know," and the Laugh Doctor, Dr. Cliff Kuhn. To find more happiness, let's take a look at FUN vs. FRUSTRATION.

Amazing revelations in the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know" inform us that when we become frustrated our brains release "frustration chemicals" that attach to the cells in our bodies creating a supply and demand for frustration in the form of an addiction. Frustration is probably not what you'd consider to be your drug of choice, and yet we all keep demanding it. To break this cycle, the movie suggests that we begin to monitor our emotional reactions.

After a frustration binge, monitor your emotional reaction by asking yourself these questions. "What am I resisting?" "Why do I have to be right?" "What am I telling myself about this situation or person?" "Can I give up being right?" "Do I really want to keep feeling this way?" When we take responsibility for our addictions and our reactions the automatic response cycle begins to dissolve and we can make new choices.

We could choose happiness! Why not? Happiness feels a lot better than frustration. According to Dr. Cliff Kuhn, "To be happy, you're going to find out, you need to take your responsibilities seriously, but yourself less so!" Based on Dr. Kuhn's advice, I have become a Fun Addict. I have decided to be amused by every thing and everyone. Remember that people say what is true for them, and we don't have to agree. We can choose to be amused. By having fun with people instead of believing they are out to offend us, most of the things that would have been upsetting will just flow right by.

By committing to being amused, we can experience fun instead of frustration. Occasionally we may falter in our goal to avoid frustration, but we can still monitor that reaction which will begin to dissolve the addiction. You can implement these 3 daily steps to immediately create more happiness in your life:

Besides making people wonder what you've been up to, smiling also reminds you that you're supposed to be having fun.

*Commit to Being Amused.
Be curious, intrigued, and amused by people and events. Don't take yourself so seriously . . . think comedy instead of drama.

*Monitor Your Frustration.
Question your reactions and beliefs. To kick the frustration habit, you'll have to take a good look at it.

It is spectacular to have good relationships in my life now, instead of the havoc and strain that I was causing because of my addiction to frustration. We can all stand to lighten up a little bit or a lot. What's incredible, is that the people around us will lighten up too, so we can literally change the world one person at a time. That's an enormous goal but I think it can be a fun habit.

But then, what the bleep do I know? Try it for yourself!

Recommended Resources:
"What the Bleep Do We Know" movie . . . http://www.whatthebleep.com
The Laugh Doctor, Dr. Cliff Kuhn . . . http://www.natural-humor-medicine.com

ęDawn Breeze-George. Reprint rights granted with article and resource box intact.

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