Authentic Happiness

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - how to build positive emotions for extraordinary and happy life.

Did you know that you can increase your happiness and life satisfaction?

According to Dr. Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania, founder of the Positive Psychology movement, there are 3 types of happy life: pleasant life, good life and meaningful life. Commonality between these areas of happiness are positive emotions. Unlike negative emotions that are about survival, positive emotions build personal resources and increase life satisfaction.

Here are some strategies and tools:

1. To rewrite your life story and deliberately use your memories as precious gifts and experiences.

Create a positive introduction. Use events in your life that most represent your talents and strength in a way you handled the events.

2. To use your signature strength to create flow.

To find out your signature strength go to and fill out VIA Strength Servey.

The test will give your top five signuture strength.

How you can use them in your life, work and play?

3. To build optimism and create the future you desire.

One of the easiest way to build optism is to interpret the what happened in your life in a positive way. Try it today and see your life change.

4. To live life of meaning and satisfaction beyond what you think is possible.

Call Bronya today to find out how to use these strategies in your life.

Have a wonderful day!

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Life coach - authentic happiness
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