Poetic Romance

Romance is conveyed in so many different ways.

One less commonly used is the medium of poetry. Sometimes words penned on the page put across our feelings to someone else so deeply that we are moved to tears. Moved to compassion. Moved to passion in ways we would never before have thought possible. And yet, we find ourselves feeling as we have never felt. Holding as we have never embraced before. Touching gently and intimately as we would never have imagined before. And it was the power of words, the touch of the breath of eros upon our lips, our hearts, and our minds that has created within us this mood of sweet closeness, such warm intimacy.

Words have power and they have deep meaning. Words have caused individuals and nations to rise and become great. Words have tenderness as they gently play the music on the strings of our heart. Words arouse us and gently lay us to rest. Words soothe our longing hearts and aching souls. Words move us to become so much more than we are. They lift us so much higher than we have ever been.

Romance through words can be the healing balm to our troubled heart after a challenging day. Words are the whispers of the gentle soul upon the flesh of our anxious frame. Words convey the conversations of our hands as we slowly caress the softness of the tender soul.

Read gently the searchings, the sharing of the heart:


I quiver with anticipation
Ache for the moment
Breathlessly I long
To hear the sound of your voice;
It is only but a moment
Though it seems to take forever
Until we are together
Sharing heart, thought, mind and voice
Enjoying the depth of such
Awesome company!
Then once again
I find myself waiting
For our next precious moment;
Breathlessly waiting
I quiver with anticipation!

"If You Are There"
(From the epic poem, "The Crusader")

My love for you shall grow every day
Eternal happiness, too.
Our light will shine that all may see
What caring and loving can do.

Reach out and place your hand in mine
Together we'll find the way;
Forever we'll seek for the paths of truth
Our love growing day by day.

And then, at last, when here we're through,
Eternal glory we'll share.
Forever true, wherever we are
The farthest star
Is heaven, if you are there,
Is heaven, if you are there!

Bob Curtis has been writing articles, short fiction and poetry for over 30 years. He is affilliated with the site Blue Romance ( www.moonlitefire.blogspot.com">http://www.moonlitefire.blogspot.com), which offers romantic helps and information to all interested in improving their relationships.


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