Being Together

When it comes to happiness, togetherness is probably the most common cause of such feelings.

Being together means more than just close proximity. It means doing together, too. Reading together, traveling together, doing projects together and playing together.

Make plans and goals and dreams together. It is especially fun to dream together! Have a night out on the town. Go to dinner and a play. Windowshop some. Have reservations at a hotel where you will not be disturbed by your outside world until tomorrow. Then stay up late. Spend the time talking and planning and playing. Leave your cell phones off.

"Sure", you say. "What about personal time?"

Well....Everyone needs their own time alone, too. Time for personal growth and development. But that is not the topic of discussion, here. Maybe some other time.

For now, we are talking about when you are together, and being together when you are together!

It may sound silly, but you can then spend some time coloring together. Yes. It is a bit different. But try may like it!

Be creative! Come up with some new ideas you have never tried together before. Go somewhere you have never been. It doesn't have to be far away. Visit an art museum. Or even the local college natural history museum or collection.

Go to a park and sit in the shade of a tree and brainstorm together. Find out what you both have always longed to do but have never discussed before because it seemed so silly!

Do something. Do anything. But remember the main point, here: When you are together, be together!

Bob Curtis has been writing articles, short fiction and poetry for over 30 years. He is the managing director of"> and is the president of Nexus Publishing ( He assists with Blue Romance ( www.moonlitefire">http://www.moonlitefire), a site promoting "positive" romance.