Hanging Out

Right off the top: What is the difference between dating and hanging out?

My teens try to differentiate the two by saying that dating is what you do with someone you want to be serious with. Hanging Out is what you do with good friends.

I guess perhaps age has slowed my mind up somewhat.

Even though I'm not that old.

To me, they seem similar. I should think that you would want to hang out with those you would be interested in dating.

Isn't that right?

You should be dating, "hanging out", with those you would like to consider a serious relationship with.

It is in the hanging out with each other that you get to know each other. You get to be around each other with your hair let down. You discover their likes, their dislikes, their habits, idiosyncrasies, hopes, goals, and dreams.

Maybe it would be more correct to want to "hang out" with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There is so much to learn about each other. So much that can be discovered in their virgin territory of relationship sense. They have lived their entire lifetime without you up until now. You get the opportunity, the unique privilege of peeling back the layers of their life's experiences, discovering the details of what has brought them to this point. What has made them who they are. Why it is that they have found they not only like what you are, but are indeed falling in love with who you are!

That may be the most revealing discovery of all....To you!

So get together. "Hang Out". Discover all the wonderful things and depth of personality that exists in the person who is systematically stealing you heart away.

Enjoy the journey. It is the voyage of a lifetime!

Bob Curtis has been writing articles, short fiction and poetry for over 30 years. He is the managing director of www.People4People.blogspot.com">http://www.People4People.blogspot.com and is the president of Nexus Publishing (nexus4u.blogspot.com). He assists with Blue Romance ( www.moonlitefire">http://www.moonlitefire), a site promoting "positive" romance.