Chasing The Whats Next

Are you an adrenaline junkie who is looking for balance? I call people who achieve success, but yet also have a balance in life - Activators.

However, a lot of times, as Activators, we become so entrenched in the cycle of doing, fearful that we revert back to our habits as Procrastinators. To keep our momentum going, we're chasing the "what's next", losing sight of the fact that a true Activator understands how she/he must recharge her/his batteries. So, what are the telltale signs of someone's who chases the "what's next"? Highly focused on to-do's and has lost sight of what motivates and is important to her/him.

Can't sit still for more than fifteen minutes without doing anything (yes, this includes watching TV).

Consistently wakes up during the night and processes internally which tasks need to be completed the next day, next week, etc.

Often doesn't take the time to enjoy the rewards of her/his accomplishments.

Doesn't necessary ever obtain any internal satisfaction from successes or having met a goal.

In working with clients, I have found the following steps extremely helpful in helping Activators not turn into Adrenaline Junkies:

1. Keep an active reminder of what motivates you internally and what is important to you.


- Life's Mission Statement (for more info go to:

- Picture of your family with what this image represents to you on back of the picture.

- Write down a poem, prayer or quote that you feel speaks to you and review once a day.

2. Carve out daily reflection time and prayer time, if you're spiritually-motivated.

What do I hear you saying? "I don't have the time. Or: My mind keeps on chattering. Or: It just feels weird." Believe me - all bad excuses? You'll feel better once you integrate this into your daily habits. Here's how to start:

- Start off with five minutes in the morning for both prayer and quiet reflection time. Just sit there and allow your thoughts to flow. This will improve as you continue from day-to-day? It's just like exercise, you'll feel better for doing it!

3. Stop and reward yourself at least once a month for having met your goals.

This is an important step often forgotten when achieving life's successes. Please take the time every month to review how much progress you've made. Most people typically look at all the things they feel they haven't completed. However, instead look at all the things you have achieved, acknowledge yourself and set up time for a reward. The reward doesn't necessarily have to be material. How about just praising yourself and letting the good feeling carry forward in your interaction with others? Or just setting aside "Me Time" and not doing absolutely anything? Another fun one is to pull out the old photo albums and enjoy your memories! I bet you can come up with a good list on your own, too?

4. Tell yourself that the present IS perfect.

Adrenaline junkies are typically so focused on the future versus appreciating what's currently in their lives. This often creates a vicious cycle, which is hard to break out of. So, when you feel like your current achievements aren't enough, please take the time to reflect on how blessed you are at the moment. It's also important to remember that you can't change other people or situations. You can control only who you are. If you become so focused on the "What's Next" and what you want for the future, you'll never receive joy and contentment from what is right in front of you.

So,leap to Walking with Grace in the Present versus Chasing The What's Next.


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