Past Life Regression - Without Trance or Hypnosis!

Instant Past Life Regression - No Trance Required

I was in the employ of a UK adult education college at one time and was asked to do a course on Hypnosis - BUT I was not to do any hypnosis with anyone, nor hypnotise anyone because that was too dangerous and they didn't want to take the risk. It was also something to do with the very strange regulations that exist in the UK for the use of public buildings for hypnotist performances and group hypnosis; either way, I was faced with the bizarre challenge how to conduct a hypnosis training but without hypnosis.

So what I did was to teach all the hypnotic inductions, from relaxation to guided meditation and then also rapid inductions as "self hypnosis" - I taught the class how to do it for themselves whilst I stood and watched them do it.

They got very good at it and we would then play with the trance phenomena and had a great time, until one stormy night, with Past Life Regression on the menu, the door opened and a number of principals from the college walked in and told me they had come to observe the class to make sure that absolutely no hypnosis was taking place, even by accident.

Oh dear. What was I going to do? I was in no doubt that the principals would have a fit if I instructed my class to put themselves into a near coma with the use of a set of beads each or a pendulum they were holding themselves and it was then that my unconscious mind, ever helpful and nicely riding in to the rescue with some very unusual suggestions when those are needed, invented for me "Instant Past Life Regression - No Trance Required." Instant Past Life Regression

This is a great little game and a wonderful party trick. You can play it with anyone at all who can answer these questions even just with a nod or shake of head; it is very quick and very effective.

The only rules are:

1. Don't think about it;

2. Answer as quickly as you can;

3. If you don't know, just guess or make it up.

Are you ready to elicit an Instant Past Life without any form of hypnosis?

Let's go:

* Were you male of female?

* Your job or work?

* Your father?

* Your mother?

* Any children?

* Sisters?

* Brothers?

* Your house or home?

* Where in the world?

* When in time?

* How old when you died?

* What did you die of?

For the purposes of this exercise, I just did this and these were my answers on this particular occasion:

Male, soldier, don't know my father, mother died when I was young, might have children but don't know any, no sisters, two brothers I remember, live with my regiment in a tent or barracks, Southern India, 1820, died age 32 of a lance wound to the chest that pierced a lung.

This set of answers, like your set of answers, is only the beginning. You can now take any part of this and refine it with further questions. As you do so, please note that more and more detail comes to light, and the rough sketch above is beginning to be filled in and fleshed out as you give more attention to detail. There comes a point in this process when there is a shift and the whole mental construct that is being created becomes very real, indeed.

Refining The Construct

Here are some questions about our unfolding character:

* How tall?

* Hair colour?

* Hair style?

* Eye colour?

* Skin tone?

* Anything striking about appearance?

* Any other identifying features?

* Clothing?

* Footwear?

* Underwear?

* Unique decorations/jewellery?

* Important possessions?

* Anything else that's important to know about?

My own soldier was close to 6 feet tall, had brown hair that was a little curly and worn in a pig tail, his eyes were brown and he had fair skin with a slightly yellowish cast. He had had chickenpox badly as a child and the skin on his face was rough and full of little scars. A previous injury had left him with a "frozen shoulder" on the left side and he would wear a small package made of wool under his clothes around that area at all times. He was wearing dark brown trousers, boots and a black/charcoal grey (probably faded) jacket at the time of his death and an off white plain linen shirt. His only important possession was a small knife thing you use to get stones out of a horse's hoof he was wearing around his neck on a leather band that had been given to him by a good friend when he was much younger.

As you can see, even at this second level of questioning we find some very intriguing detail, such as the knife thing - I do believe there is a name for it but I can't remember what it might be and only "saw" the object during the exercise. We also have entry points into some other story lines here - what happened to the friend? Where did the old injury occur? - and that's after perhaps five minutes and the most basic of questions one could ask to get to know any individual across time or space.

The Levels Of Reality

As we get more and more information, the person is taking on more and more and life. Here in brief are the levels through which the person becomes manifest and real, as it were:

Generic Information

The first level of reality is generic information to provide the base structure to a construct - who, what, where, when. At this point, your creation is still fairly nebulous and lacks personality which comes with:

Individual Information

The second level of reality which is specific information about that individual construct (person, countryside, event, creature etc) - what is unique about this, what catches your attention, what makes it stand out.

General (Overall) Time Line

The third level of reality is added with the temporal aspects - how did this come to be? What happened? What will happen in the future? This brings the creation to life and makes it very real indeed - it now has a future, a present and a past.

Specific Incidents Remembered

The more you focus in on any aspect of the time of the life of your person the more detail will be provided until you have actual associated first person memories of the events, entirely detailed and entirely real.

101 Uses For Personal Development

This basic pattern has innumerable uses.

The first is of course in the context of personal development and past life regression. Regardless of whether one might view past life regression as real memories of past lives or metaphorical re-inactments of problems in this one, either way the challenges offered need to be resolved and this is a particularly exciting and fascinating way of making real, true and lasting changes in ones life.

Even people who don't usually respond to "guided meditations" can work this pattern through to get extremely specific and associated memories, events and unfoldments to work with and to use for problem resolution.

Another major use for this pattern is of course in the context of creativity - fiction, character development, finding materials and inspiration for all forms of works of art. It is basically a foolproof generator for events, stories, situations that can provide much more material than anyone could work up or out in a single life time.

It is particularly interesting to consider this pattern in terms of Project Sanctuary events and can also be employed for developing other things besides characters, such as habitats, alien societies, objects that have never been or have been forgotten, and all manner of other uses.

Whether you are going to play it as a game at a party, use it to amuse yourself and your children on a long car journey or for serious personal development and making changes to the very structure of your personality, it is a fascinating pattern that is always interesting and begins to soften and expand the channels and pathways of your mind.

Silvia Hartmann, PhD

First published in">The Story Teller 2001

The Sidereus Foundation">

All Rights Reserved.


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