You Are A Winner!

You are already a winner, and so am I.

Although you may not consider it to be the case, there was a time when both you and I were at the absolute peak of our physical capacity. We made all those Olympic swimmers look scrawny and slow.You probably don't remember it, because it happened quite some time ago, but let me paint a mental picture for you.

It was the day of the big race.Of course you had been preparing yourself for what seemed to be your whole life, for this one big day. Not that you knew whether it was going to be today, or maybe tomorrow, and that was part of the tension, because you had to be in a constant state of readiness to go just as soon as you got the word.

So, picture it. You got up all refreshed and ready to face the new day and whatever it brought you way. You did a few little stretchy-poos and warm ups then into the gym for a solid work out. You wanted to be ready and you'd seen some of the others in the race and they looked pretty awesome. So, you knew that if you were going to win,you had to be at your absolute best, nothing else really was good enough. It required 100% focus and dedication, great tactical manoeuvres and above all, immaculate timing.

You know as I look back, I feel sorry for all those others that were involved in that race?.all those poor little sperm who weren't fast enough, or too fast and got their timing shot to pieces.

As for you and me, we are winners. Indeed, both of us have won the one and only race that really matters.

The egg and sperm race.

We each got to that egg right at the critical moment when it was ready and in you went.

Now you may laugh, but to me that's was a very significant moment in my life, just as your moment of conception was significant in yours. I mean, if you had not won that race, you wouldn't be sitting here, reading this at this very moment.

Think about it. We are all winners. Each one of us has swum and won that very same race. If we hadn't, we would have dissolved into oblivion along with the millions of other sperm that didn't make the grade.

But what's it all mean?

Well there are a number of outcomes from winning such a race but when it's all boiled down the reality remains, you are a winner! And your prize is? life!

That being the case, the only question left to ask is "Are you making the most of your win?"

Graham Hunt is the founder of Prentis Carpenter Center, an organisation with the goal to resource an environment where people who wish to do so may discover and work towards their potential. One way Graham is seeking to acheive that goal is through his website"> Drop in anytime.


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