You may be Shocked to Hear This

What I mean of course is, to appreciate life through the eyes of a child. Remember your unbounding joy when you received your first tricycle or bike with training wheels or visited Disneyland for the first time. The awe you felt was partly because of your innocence. You saw only the good in those times and you felt an unconditional love coming from those who gave you the gift or took you to visit Mickey and Minnie.I'll bet you didn't even notice the other park visitors. If you did you were unaware or unconcerned with the color of their skin, race, size, language,clothes, hair etc. The feeling of unconditional love and the innocence we all experienced in our youth are the antidote to many of society's ills-prejudice, hatred and selfishness,consumerism etc.

Seeing good in other people and other situations is a part of having a positive atttitude. As we now know attitude pretty much determines how we as individuals grow and develop, as well as, how far up the success ladder one can go and at what speed. Observe successful people and you will not find many if any success stories about those who rose to the top and remained there without joy and a positive attitude.

Ask yourself: Am I rushing so quickly that I am passing up on opportunities, forgetting to enjoy life's little successes and rewarding myself appropriately without excess? What can you do today to recapture the joy and innocence of youth?

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Ann Marie is a senior at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. After graduation this spring she hopes begin teaching at the elementary school level. Ann Marie lives at home with her co-authors, her brother Anthony, dad Al and mother Mary.