Reacting To Given Situations!

The milkman knocks at the door of the old lady's apartment. He notices that the door is open. He slightly pushes the door open and finds that she is murdered. His natural reaction to the situation would be to scream with fright, fully shaken up. The fear that someone might blame him, and the fear that the police might interrogate, flashes in his mind. But once he takes control, he begins to respond to the situation by calling the neighbours.

We are forced to react when there is a perceived threat or insecurity, the continuous blocking of our emotions which pops up to the surface at an untimely hour, the non stop advices we receive from persons from whom we expect the least, or we might even want to create our own situations where you love the chaos and confusion.

The results of our reactions are unwanted stress and strain because of adrenalin overflow. The reactions drain us, make us weak and powerless against the situations and we are just puppets in the hands of others. We tend to make hasty decisions and finally end up confused and exhausted.

The only solution is to stop reacting,start responding and taking control of the situations. Learn to manage time and be proactive. Start appreciating your own reactions and be prompt enough to make quick decisions. Stop blaming others and learn to forgive others. Ask yourself why you are reacting and analyse how you can respond. Condition your emotions and feelings and take control of the situation.

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction but to every action there is an equal and similar response!

HPriya Sivan