Change Your Head Position For A Flood Of Positive Energy!

Have you ever considered that you may be subconsciously sabotaging and inhibiting your own potential positive emotions through the position of your head and the manner in which you breathe?

Personally, before a few years ago, I had never really considered it. However as I became more interested in how deep focused breathing could positively change your body and mindset I looked more closely at such things.

What I want you to do right now is pop your chin on your chest and bring into your mind a negative image or thought. Take a few minutes to focus on this thought with your chin down.

Now, what I want you to try next is this. While holding the same thought in your mind raise your chin off your chest, bring your head up, and stand tall.

What I found (and I'm sure you did also) was that when you bring your head up and stand proud the negative image or thought becomes less intense. Essentially, it begins to dissipate!

This should highlight to you the value of holding, and having, a good posture in terms of feeling more positive even in a difficult or so called negative predicament.

Finally, try this also. This time have a positive thought in your mind and have your chin down. Next, raise your chin up, be proud and see how vivid the positive image becomes.

Now, finally add some deep breathing into the mix. Focus on the positive mental image while breathing energy and passion into your body and mind.

Take note of the positive energy you are drawing into your body and consciously try and combine it with the image. This is an amazing way to draw yourself closer to your goals while simultaneously improving health.

So, the next time you want to alter your mindset, pay attention to your head position and breathing and you will be propelling yourself towards health and achievement quicker than ever!

Tim Webb is a fitness instructor, Ju Jutsu instructor and competitor. He specialises in easily accessible deep breathing exercises that combine breath and mind together. His site"> offers a product that provides deep breathing exercises for invigorating yourself, relaxing, and highlights how your breath can be tied in with your goals to move you towards them in record time!