Universal Thought Systems Language #3

Before we are able to use the Universal Thought System in a positive expansive manner, we must learn to use certain words in our language more effectively. The prime characteristic of the Universal Thought System is its consistency. It may not be used to manipulate. It may not be used to gain an advantage. It treats everyone equally. It eliminates the negative side of opposites. Why is this Universal Language so critical to our progress? In our thoughts and actions, we either seek idols or we seek truth. When we find the truth all our answers are provided. Truth contains all answers to every problem. Truth has always existed and will always exist. Our beliefs and feelings color our truth. They act as filters between our truth and our illusions.

If absolute truth is discovered, the filters disappear. In truth there is only love. In love there is only truth. There is no need for filters. The use of keywords help to reveal the path to truth. They clear the filters. They clarify our perceptions. They reduce the effects of our illusions. We discover peace and joy. What are some of the keywords that make up our Universal Thought System Language? In a series of ezines we will list and define some of the keywords in the Universal Thought System Language. The first words are listed and defined below:

Intuition is what provides the answer to the questions we ask. We are only beginning to understand intuition. It is in some part of our separated mind. It seems to behave sporadically because we are still so focused on looking externally. We try to get answers, empirically, by what is going on outside of us. But, what we see outside is only a reflection of what is happening inside. As our intuitions evolve and develop more fully, using more and more questions directed internally, we will trust the answers and continue to build on this communication path.

We are what we think. What happens to us, also, comes from what we think. The most common occurrence is when we ask a question as we mull a thought in our minds. The answer to our question, which we may or may not remember asking, appears through a newspaper article, or a book that we notice, or from a call out of the blue from a friend. A coincidence is anything that occurs that is connected to something you were thinking about or something you wished happened.

This is all about using intuition. To receive the best answer to a question, it should be directed internally. The more focused we are when we ask the question, the more quickly the answer arrives. By going internally we access the full power of universal energy. By going internally we give our mind the time to search all knowledge as though our computer is searching all files on our computer disk for the correct match. The key is to be alert in recognizing the answer when we receive it.

All solutions exist. Problems always have a solution. Our problems exist because we have separated them from the solution. Problems and their solutions follow the rule of opposites. Light always solves the problem of darkness. The key is not to substitute for a part of the problem by some partial solution. Look for the solution to the entire problem as a whole. All opposites are truly one, but we choose to separate them because in our world we tend to seek separation of all things though we are all one.

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