Universal Thought System/Forgiveness#2

Clear Conflict with Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is the means to solve all acts of violence and war. Over time, when forgiveness is used by enough people the cycle of violence will be broken. In the meantime, anyone who goes within and uses forgiveness as a solution to a conflict will help to resolve the conflict. Surveys show that most people think rudeness has increased dramatically. Since using forgiveness as a daily regimen, I have had a dramatic reduction in rudeness around me. Wherever you go, each day, give forgiveness within to those that you encounter. As the days go by, your surroundings will become more calm and peaceful. You can use forgiveness to free yourself from conflict on a daily basis. If you are driving down the highway and the drivers behind you are following to closely, give them forgiveness. The driver will withdraw to a safe distance. If someone in the office is agitated, give them forgiveness. Invariably, the individual will calm down. Try it at your next business meeting.

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool because it opens our communication path to universal energy. Every time we have a conflict, a disagreement, a negative thought we introduce confusion in our thinking. Our clarity diminishes. Our perception is distorted. And, therefore, our actions are misguided. Forgiveness is the means provided to us to clear all conflict, confusion, and misperception. We come closer to the truth and our decisions are better and more soothing. Forgiveness is the greatest tool for peace that we have. If forgiveness is utilized properly, and, if everyone used forgiveness daily, worldwide peace would be achieved in 4 to 5 years.

Procedure for Forgiveness:

Sit in a chair in a quiet setting. Let your thoughts come and go effortlessly through your mind. If possible, try to move chronologically from the deepest past to the present or from the present to the deepest past. As memories of your life's experiences present themselves, examine each for any negative component. Give forgiveness to the person or persons involved in creating the negative component. Then, let go of the experience and move to the next thought. Continue this process for 15 to 20 minutes each day until, over time, you have forgiven all the negative memories that present themselves. As time moves on, in any circumstance, additional negative memories may arise. Pause and give forgiveness for each memory. In addition, search your mind for all those instances that you feel guilty about. Examine the guilt feeling. Accept forgiveness from and give forgiveness to all those who assisted you in creating the guilt. As the days pass, your sense of peace will grow gradually, and the conflict in your life will be greatly reduced.

Power of Forgiveness:

One of my greatest experiences with forgiveness came with no verbalization. One day my wife decided to go shopping at the mall. When she had finished shopping, at about 7 PM, she came out of the mall and began to search for her car. As she approached the space in the parking lot, she did not see her car. She looked everywhere. She then decided to ask Mall Security to help locate her car. The car could not be found.

It was gone! She called home very upset. At the time, I had been reading about and testing forgiveness. I thought, 'Now don't panic'. As I set out to pick up my wife at the mall, I began to think of an unorthodox way to handle the situation. Why not try forgiveness. I began to focus on forgiveness for all involved in the situation. That night, we got a call from a police officer. It was 10 PM. The police officer asked me to come to the police station. The police had found my wife's car. It was not damaged. Did it work? Of course, I can't say for sure. But I believe it did.

Our view of forgiveness is, generally, the reverse of its reality. We view forgiveness as more beneficial to the receiver. But it is far more beneficial to the giver. Forgiveness is the means given to us to clear the debris and sludge that we introduce into our mind. Forgiveness, as we apply it within, unclogs the pathways that our thoughts take through universal energy. It clears our vision so that we may see the truth more clearly. You can go within and give forgiveness to all minds throughout the world for all their fear, hatred, anger, and guilt and your peace of mind will increase. You can go within and ask for forgiveness from anyone you believe you have offended and you will receive forgiveness.

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