Self-esteem Boosters: 5 Action Points

? Make a list of all your accomplishments in life so far. Whatever you consider an accomplishment qualifies - your education, successful parenting, promotions, and skills you have acquired, overcoming adversity, a happy marriage, weight loss etc. Include everything; leave nothing out. Do you know people who do not have any of the successes you have listed? Someone who didn't finish high school like you did, isn't as qualified on the job as you are, or cannot sing like you do? Most likely you do. You have achieved something that someone else hasn't. And you should give yourself credit for that!

? Think on each item on your list. Think on them everyday. Remember what you had to go through to achieve each one - the sacrifices, the pains, the discipline, the money it cost, the time you spent etc. Your accomplishments cost you something, and you paid it, in full. Not everyone could pay the price that you paid, when you did. Hence not everyone has achieved what you have. You stand out as an achiever. You deserve credit for that!

? Think on the benefits you now enjoy as a result of these achievements. Does everyone you know enjoy these benefits? I don't think so! You are enjoying the rewards of your hard work and sacrifice. Life rewards achievers; you are obviously one of them. Don't you think you deserve credit for that?

? The challenges you face are a refining furnace, not an indication of failure. If a particular challenge keeps re-occurring, it's a sign that there's a lesson you have not learned. Re-examine the situation; enlist help if you must; find the lesson and learn it. Then move on. Life is a school, and we must continue to learn. Rest if you must, but do not quit! View life, and challenges in this new light and be empowered by the knowledge that your contribution is vital. Why else would you keep being tested, tried and promoted? The world needs you, at your best, hence the tests! You have overcome before, and you can overcome now. You're an achiever remember? And you deserve credit for that!

? You are a human being, the most elevated species of creation! You were crafted by God, not simply spoken into existence as other elements of creation were, and in His image and likeness. Not only did He take the time to craft you with His own hands, God gave your life a purpose, and equipped you to fulfil it. He has vested interest in your success! You may have seemed small and inconsequential in your own eyes up till now, but you are an integral part of God's plan. You are a Very Important Person! Finding your life's purpose will show you how valuable you are. Our purpose is usually indicated by our passion in life. What are you passionate about? What are your dreams? What talents are you naturally gifted with? What would you do happily, even if you were not paid for it? Find your purpose and start to fill it. Give meaning and direction to your life. God has done all things well, and He deserves credit for that!

You are a valued part of God's creation, whether you know it, believe it or not. To be successful in this life you must start off with a healthy self-esteem, believing in yourself and in the God who gave you the vision. As your self-esteem grows you will come to expect more success. Consequently you will attract more of it and become what you've been thinking about.

Copyright 2005 Oma Edoja

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