5 Tips on Turning a Negative into a Positive

I thought this was fitting sense I just experienced a huge negative in my life and choose to focus on the positive in the situation. For instance, when I was unable to sign into this program to get to my list of subscribers, I could have taken it in the real negative manner and given up. But instead, I choose to see the positive. And, because I choose to see the positive, I was able to think clearer and was able to enter into my subscription base on another level. But, because of this negative experience, I have decided to take it as a sign for me to move on to something better, where I have more control over my newsletter.

So, I've decided to share 5 tips that will help you focus on the positive in a negative situation.

Tip #1. Don't look for the negative when it isn't present. A lot of us always enter a situation "looking" for the negative. Woman--this is for you. Ever entered into a relationship with the belief that "all men are dogs?" So, you half expect your partner/spouse to cheat on you because you have the belief, that all men are dogs. Even though there is no evidence of him cheating, you search his pockets for phone numbers, follow him in an unmarked cars to see what he is doing when he claims to be out with "the boyz."

Or, you might hear there is going to be lay-offs on your job. You automatically believe that you are on the list of "pink slips." You spend your day, watching your boss out the corner of your eye. S/he goes behind closed doors and you are convinced they are plotting to get rid of you.

Or, you walk in a room of your "friends" and they stop talking. You automatically assume they were talking about you, because why else would they stop talking.

STOP! Don't look for the negative when it isn't a definite fact, because when you seek the negative, you often find it more than not.

Tip #2. Look for the positive. No matter what the situation is, there is always a negative and a positive side of it. Sometimes, the positive may not be easy to see right off the bat, but if you look deep enough it is there.

Let's say, for instance, you are terminated from your job. At first glance, there may not be anything positive you can see in this. But, was this job the best job you've ever had. Was this job "your purposeful career?" Most likely not. Because, generally, when you are working on a career that supports your purpose, you will be so good at it, that you will never be terminated.

So, since the job wasn't "the be all to end all" look on the positive side. This is an opportunity for you to find your purpose, an opportunity to make more money, a job closer to your home, a job that gets you excited. Now, due to your termination from that other job, you have your days free to spend time focused on creating the best life of your life.

Tip #3. Stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Whenever you hear yourself "thinking" a negative thought--STOP and replace it with a positive thought. Instead of saying to yourself, "I'm no good at this." Stop yourself and say, "I am getting better, each and every day."

Tip #4. Change the company you keep. If you find that most of your friends are negative people, find new friends. Birds of a feather flock together. So, if, right now, you are a negative person, chances are most of your friends will be negative too. If you find most of your conversations are gossiping about others, kicking other people's back's in, looking and discussing the negative about every subject, not sharing in the happiness and good fortune of others, then change your friends.

Have you ever noticed that when you hear of someone that you know who is doing good, you automatically look for the negative? "Girl, did you hear that so-and-so just bought a million dollar home out there in Short Hills?" "Oh, yeah, what does her husband do? He's probably a drug dealer or something?" Or if you hear that so-and-so got a promotion and is now making $350,000 a year. The first thing you say is, "I know she slept her way to the top. She was as dumb as a box of rocks when we were in school." Then, you are a negative person and need to find new friends. Because if you and your friends are positive people, these thoughts would never come up in your conversations.

Tip #5. Pray. Pray to God to remove the negative thinking from your life. Pray that you always see the positive in every situation. Pray that you become more positive each and every day. Then, thank God, in advance, for taking away your negative thinking. Thank Him for the positive that is entering into your life. Thank God for the flow of posiitive things that is happening for you. Thank God for the goodness and positive things that happen to others as well.

Now, make the decision to be a positive person and work at it each and every day, until it becomes so much of a habit, that you won't even have to think about it again.

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