Positive Thought

The power of positive thoughts to affect one's experience of life has long been recognized. Positive thinking has been credited with the success of many business people. More recently scientists are proving how the power of this ability can have an impact on our health, well being, and motivation

Unfortunately we are living in a negative world. Many, if not most people, are becoming very negative. It has become the way of the world. Most news items either on the TV or in the newspapers and magazines are negative. It's a fact that journalists will go out of there way to find the most depressing negative story they can. They will then sensationalise it and hay-presto they sell more newspapers. We complain about our politicians. We complain about all the things they do wrong. Surely even politicians must do some things right. But do we regularly talk about there good points. No, we concentrate on the negative.

The age old adage of "is my cup half empty or half full" runs truer then ever in today's negative world. We will always complain about what we haven't got rather then express joy at what we have got or achieved in life.

Advertising plays on the negative. Commercials will always tell you that your car, TV, computer or DVD is out of date, the toothpaste you use does not clean your teeth properly, and your washing powder does not clean your clothes. Unless of course you buy there product or brand. You see they play on the negative. If people where happy with what they had and could only see the positive in the products they used and owned the advertisers would have to find another way of selling you there products.

If you look at all successful people. It could be in the field of sport, science or business. They all have one thing in common, they are positive. Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not to others. Success and happiness can be brought about by particular ways of behaving, which are in turn determined by our ways of thinking. In other word's it's not what happens to us that's important, but the way we choose to interpret it that shapes our lives. You cannot always change everything in your life immediately but you can certainly change the way that you perceive it.

Negativity is dangerous. It drags us down physically, mentally and emotionally. It is the single largest destroyer of success. Negativity will destroy creativity, relationships, advancement and ultimately, happiness. Entertaining negative thoughts, without any doubt, tends to bring on the person concerned the very things they fear or dread, or on which they have focussed their attention. Negative thoughts often arise from fear, or from insecurity, or as the result of some bad experiences, they bring gloom and a loss of quality of life.

The individual in this situation ceases to live; he or she becomes content with merely existing, with seeking his or her own animal comfort, which is really to wallow in self-pity. Life becomes an intolerable burden for the individual, and that person makes life intolerable for others. In severe depression even the body itself becomes unbearable. The environment seems grey and without colour and it seems to be something seen at great distance, having no contact with the individual and bringing no surge of joy at its beauty.

If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen around you. Consequently if you continuously think negative thoughts, negative things will happen around you. If you believe you will not succeed. I can guarantee you will fail. If you believe you can achieve and succeed you will. Positive thinking is infectious and leads to a 'can do' attitude within any individual that adopts this approach to life.

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