The Rearview Mirror and the Stuff of Life

Recently, a dear friend who has been both a coach and a mentor called me asking if he and his wife could be of any help. He had learned that I was experiencing significant challenges due to my mother's three-week hospital stay because of liver failure. Additionally, husband was experiencing a serious, but not life threatening health issue. When I heard my friend's voice and his offer, it brought me close to tears. We continued talking and he shared that all of his troubles were in his rearview mirror and not on the front hood. I couldn't help, but smile. I quietly responded that eventually these troubles wold also be in my rearview mirror.

Upon continued conversation, I confided that 20 years ago I would have not had this attitude. I probably would have been poor me'ing it as "Why me!" while dealing with these challenges. My conditioning as the older child would not allow me to abdicate my responsibility to my mother however; I would not be a consistent, calm and steady influence to my sister and to our children.

Reflecting later upon our conversation, I must admit I liked the analogy of the rearview mirror. How many times in life do we feel everything is right in our face - on our front hood and then later see it behind us as we meet the next challenge?

Life is full of stuff hitting our front hood, and how we deal with that stuff - whatever it is - is a simple matter of choice. By choosing a positive and proactive mental attitude, we have the ability through our unique and exceptional motivation to overcome this "stuff."

Individuals such as Helen Keller and Lance Armstrong have clearly demonstrated such positive attitudes to over the "stuff of life." Some may attribute their achievements as being magical. Yes, it may appear magical, because these individuals have learned how to align their attitudes and realized that the stuff of life will eventually be in their rearview mirror.

So the question is: "How will you deal with your 'stuff in life?"

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