Your Thoughts Are Powerful

The only thing between you and your desire to be successful and wealthy is one single fact: You are not successful or wealthy because of how you think. This little known fact keeps many from reaching their goals of success and wealth.

Do you find yourself spending lots of time doing things to change what you don't like in your life? Problems are caused by the way you think. If one thing doesn't work, we try something new, then another, and another.

The trick to solving problems is to understand what is going on in your mind. Focus on your thoughts and become aware of how your thoughts hold you back or push you forward. Then you can realize your dreams and goals.

All thoughts begin in your subconscious mind. Before they can be expressed in your physical world, you must know how to set them in motion. This in turn, produces a certain result. What then, is the 'missing ingredient?'

It is no other then this: you need to think differently. If you are to be, do, and have all that you wish for - success, wealth, health, positive relationships, you name it - you must learn to think in a new and different style. When you enhance the new understanding of your thoughts, there is nothing in your life that cannot be gained.

In order to do this, you must 'wake up' and mentally 'watch' your thoughts. Just thinking that you wish to be successful and wealthy is not enough, You must also 'see' it. When you watch yourself think, your mind is open to receive the answers you desire. This new way of thinking is based upon the true understanding of your mind and the way you think.

You are at the mercy of your thoughts! You can't stop them - so o must be aware of them and understand them. This powerful insight 'awakens' you. With this kind of power over your thoughts, you magically know what's happening in your life. And the understanding of your thoughts helps you answer any problems you may have, too.

In order to stay awake, you must live in a constant state of awareness. Of being totally surprised about everything around you. Learn to think in a new way. When you do, you start living the kind of life you wish. You change because your way of thinking has changed. You begin to get ideas you've never had before. You see things in a whole different way. You notice things, people, places, events - in a new way.

You become aware of opportunities. Learn how to identify them for what they are and how you want them to benefit your life. Remember, the only barrier between you and what you desire is your lack of understanding. Knowledge alone of a certain thing isn't always the answer. Understanding is the knowing how and why a certain thing happens.

Success lies just beyond your thoughts. Know that this understanding is what inspires you to accomplish what you really desire in life. And if you are satisfied with yourself -and-your thoughts, there is nothing you cannot do or be.

Copyright 2005

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