Important Days Ahead

Humans tend to categorize things by large or small, bright or dull, special or ordinary, and so on. We like to bring order and structure, but sometimes our efforts to place things into neat little slots can blind us to the little moments of joy we could be experiencing every day.

For instance, we categorize holidays as special with the implication that other days have nothing going for them.

We need to reorient our thinking. Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't celebrate holidays. Far from it. I'm saying we should celebrate the importance of every day.

Think about it. There is no such thing as an unimportant day. It doesn't take much thought to come up with a reason to celebrate the coming of each new day. Consider all the things that will happen today.

Babies will be born...TODAY. An entrepreneur will create a dream organization...TODAY. Birds and butterflies will spread joy, fly north or south...TODAY.

Somewhere old wounds heal, new friendships begin. A puppy finds a master...a mother whispers secrets to a wide-eyed child...sunshine follows the clouds...TODAY!

It's all about your attitude toward the new day. So, welcome each new sunrise as a portent of great things to come. What can you do to make this an important day for yourself or someone you care about?

Ty Boyd, CEO of Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems (">, is in the Broadcast Hall of Fame and the Speakers Hall of Fame. He has taught presentation skills to Fortune 1000 executives in more than 34 countries. His Excellence In Speaking Institute celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2005.