The Power Of AND

Not Amen, just so we're clear on that.


The little connector word that allows more than one thing to be listed in the same category is what I am talking about.


AND can enlighten you, inspire you, help you break out of the oldest cages of entrainment, change your mind in a flash, unlock the doors to a host of new opportunities AND make your life a whole lot more realistic AND pleasurable to boot!

"How?!", do I hear you ask.

"How is it possible?!"

"What DO you mean?!"

Well, let me explain. It's quite simple, really.

People get themselves trapped endlessly in boxed off compartments of their own making.

Heard the term, "Think outside of the box"?

Well, those boxes are compartments in our minds which have unique rules and regulations, and they are different from the other boxes, left, right, up and down.

Inside each and every one of these boxes, knowledge is locked up - all kinds of different knowledge.

Experience, learnings, feelings, sensations, how to do certain things and how to behave in certain ways, how to understand and how to make sense of the world.

Unfortunately, many of these boxes don't talk to each other,

There is no "free flow of information" across these artificial boundaries that only exist in people's heads, let us remember, and they come into being because of faulty thinking AND faulty languaging.

A very common reason for two boxes to break off communications with each other is when they SEEM to be at loggerheads - either this, OR that.

Either you're my friend (that box, over there!) OR you are my enemy (that box, opposite direction, please!).

Now if you've ever been in a long term relationship, or had any blood relative of any kind, you will know that in truth, friend and foe can be one and the same person, simultaneous AND sequentially at that.

The truth however, cannot be found in EITHER of the two boxes.

The whole situation is FAR more than that, and the more freely information flows, and the better it is stored in your system, the more sense the world begins to make.

So let's go straight in and look at some practical examples of where using the "or" function to make a box divide grow out of nowhere causes chaos and suffering, and where the AND can come to the rescue!

I can EITHER be married OR continue to have fun and freedom.


What a dilemma!

Either way, how could happiness ever be achieved?

What are we to do?

Endless, and I mean ENDLESS vacillating this way and that, thinking this and that, choosing one, then the other but never being really satisfied ...

No, I think we can do better than that.

Try this:

I can be married AND I can have freedom and fun.

"No! That's ..."

But wait a moment ....

"For that statement to be true, I couldn't possible marry the kind of controlling, domineering personality I've always thought I SHOULD marry ...."

Yes, my friend. NOW you're beginning to get the drift!

"And, oh, hey, you mean you can have freedom and fun and NOT be by yourself?!"

Hmmm .... I've heard tell that this is possible ... if you were to believe it exists and start looking for what that might be like ... or where it might be found ...

"And ALL OF THAT - just because I chose to say ...AND?!"

Yes! Isn't that extraordinary?

And how easy it is ....

Try some of these, and then, invent your own. Don't be shy! Play!

I can either earn money, or have fun and play.

I can either eat the food I like, or be fit and healthy.

Either I settle down and become serious, or I will starve to death in the gutter.

Alright now, so we're getting warmed up here.

But the cool thing is not these obvious divides, where we actually SAY the word "or" and have both the dilemma partners out in the open, but the kinds of divides that "go without saying".

Like, "I'm stuck in a traffic jam."

There is no "or" in this sentence, but it's hidden behind the scenes - how about this?

I'm stuck in a traffic jam AND I'm having the time of my life!

THESE are the types of things you can have the most fun with when you bring the word AND to the party.

I love my rock'n'roll life style ... AND I'm going to live to be a hundred!

I'm on a diet ... AND that feels so GOOD!

I'm going to be a millionaire - AND I'm going to be the nicest, friendliest millionaire you've ever met!

I'm a genius who is completely dedicated to my art - AND the audiences LOVE THAT about me!

But hey, that's just the beginning, even as good as that already is.

The word AND gives you more than just a second chance.

It gives you a third, AND a forth, AND a fifth ... in fact, it gives you an ENDLESS STREAM of opportunities, thoughts, new frontiers AND you get to decide when you want to stop!

I am rich and ... famous ... and my family loves me ...and god smiles upon me ... and I am playful and delighted with life ... and my work is seriously important ... and it is fun to do ... and I get great financial rewards ... and my spiritual development moves forward in leaps and bounds ... and all of that is easy to manage ... and ....................

How's THAT for "goal streaming"?

How's THAT for custom motivational affirmations?

How's THAT for really firing up your internal generators of imagination, creativity, thought, action, behaviour and planning?

Will THAT take YOU into whole new and much, much brighter directions?

Damn right it will!

You can even use the simple little magical word of AND to put an end to all manner of previously incapacitating self limiting beliefs.

This'll make you laugh:

I am stupid, ugly, useless, boring AND everybody LOVES ME!

Try some variations for size:

I have the nose of an aardvark AND all the girls fall at my feet!

I have run 17 businesses into the ground AND the next one will be a roaring success!

I've never managed anything properly in my entire life AND now I will AND it will be easy and fun AND I'll enjoy every minute of it.

I tell you guys, there isn't a thought, memory, belief or hallucination so dire and disturbing that our good friend AND wouldn't come to the rescue and make your experience a completely different life altogether.

So, AND in conclusion, this is the end of this article AND the beginning of YOU remembering this, AND using it, AND being delighted by it, AND often laughing when you run this pattern, AND finding out just how that frees your mind up to become much more expressive AND creative, AND logical AND organised at the same time, AND how new ideas will come to you easily AND the other things it will do for you such as .... AND ... AND ...->


Enjoy, live long and prosper ..

... and ...

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25. 6. 2005

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