Wahms, Dont Compare Yourself With Others!

Wahms, do you constantly compare yourself with others and come up short?

You know how it is...you feel like this wahm's website looks better than yours, that wahm's direct sales business is more successful than yours, and then there's that one wahm who is everywhere spitting out infoproducts, seemingly in her sleep.

Do you torture yourself like this?

This is something I've been giving a lot of thought to lately. Maybe it's because I had to take a long hiatus from my own business to start a baby growing, or maybe it's because as women we just tend to compare ourselves with other women and focus on our perceived inadequacies. As wahms, we even tend to justify our negative thinking!

Whatever the case, I hope I can help you avoid this problem with some things that help me when my thoughts turn negative. First I'll talk about why comparing yourself with others is a fruitless exercise, then give you some positive steps to take to help you stop it!

1) Comparing yourself to others is an incredible waste of energy.

Here's why: We're all unique individuals with different talents, skills and abilities.

One wahm may excel at technical aspects of web design while you can write great articles. One wahm may be a great networker who is always finding JV opportunities while you can optimize web pages with one hand, nursing a baby at the keyboard. One wahm may be a real people person while you're great at testing and tracking your marketing efforts.

Use your unique talents and personality to your benefit in your business. Keep honing your skills and beefing up your weak points with learning, but don't expect your basic personality to change! Celebrate your strong points.

If you need to, treat yourself like a child. When you do something you're proud of in your business day, say out loud: "Great job! I'm so proud of you!" Or put a cute little sticker in your organizer, paint your toenails, drink something hot and yummy, whatever... just give yourself some positive reinforcement.

Let's face it...wahms need more energy to do all they must do, don't suck it up with negative thinking!

2) Comparing yourself with other wahms is unfair.

Everyone also has different challenges. Are you pregnant? Have little babies or toddlers? Several children? Chronic health problems? A special needs child? Are you a single wahm? A husband that works too much? Caring for an elderly relative? Limited budget? See what I'm getting at here?

Stop beating yourself up and acknowledge your challenges. We all deserve a pat on the back for doing something to improve our financial standing whilst caring for house and home!

Now, let's talk about some of the things you can do to stop comparing yourself with others.

1) Decide whether this negative self talk is just moodiness/fatigue/morning sickness or whatever, or if you really DO need a kick in the pants. Proceed accordingly.

2) Acknowledge the challenges that you work around, mentioned above. Give yourself about one minute to do this.

3) Now get busy. Get your notebook (the one you keep within reach at all times when those great ideas come to your mind) and make sure you've completed your "Daily Activity Standard" (those activities that pay you that must be done daily). If so, spend 15 minutes working on that project you've put into bite sized pieces.

Finally, remember that appreciation attracts prosperity, and thoughts of lack and "woe is me" only repel it. And don't waste any more time comparing yourself with other wahms!

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