Management of the Almighty Anger

Apart form the Emotions and the attitude, Anger is a quite unsolved thing. we become angry when things are not according to us or not as we want, or not up to our expectation. We just simply becomes angry to satisfy & gratify our ego, super ego and false ego.

Remember behind every behavior there is an intention , behind every action there is an reason, and behind every anger there are supressed emotions. Decisions or what ever you do in anger, it will only bring losses in health, wealth and relationships in any kind. (wealth in business or at home or others, relationships at home or in society, etc.) If your anger is co-supported by the irritation or ability to get irritate quickly then the intensity of having above losses are greatest.

I like to put some quotes for you by some greatest personalities in the world, so that you will be able to understand, control, transform & manage your anger, as follows,

A] Gautan Buddha said: Anger will never disappear so long as the thoughts of resentment are nurtured in the mind. Anger will definitely disappears just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten. You will not be punished for anger, you will be punished by your anger itself.

B] Mahatma Gandhi Said: I have learned form the bitter experiences the one supreme lesson to conserve my anger, as heat conserved can be transmitted into energy, Even so, our anger is controlled can be transmitted in to a power that can move the world.

C] OSHO: Let this become your key - the next time anger comes, just watch it, don't say "Anger is there and I'm watching it!" and see the difference suddenly you are out of grip of anger. If you say "I'm just a watcher, I'm not angry" then you are out of grip of anger.

D] King Ashoka: When anger rises, think of the consequences, because consequences maintains behavior.

E] Shri Satya Sai Baba: Anger Fogs Understanding.

We are what we repeatedly do. Your mind is only challenging & powerful tool to control and manage your anger. There is only one way to prevent the losses form the anger, just prevent the anger. Think and act according to what above top 5 personalities said. you will find yourself getting more and more positive results day by day.

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