Combat Your Bad Days

No matter how positive a person we are overall, there are times in our lives where our feelings well up and give us the sense that our situation could be better (for some it even reaches the point where they get a feeling of hopelessness).

Folks, there are those who would claim that all we need do is simply convince ourselves that things aren't so bad -- and poof! We will feel magically better.

In the case of most people (even those who are generally upbeat and positive) it just isn't that easy. The simple truth is we all have times when we don't feel overflowing with positive energy -- or vigor for the task at hand.

The key is that we have to be able to come to grips with the very thing that is the cause of our negative feelings. This is best done through taking time to think and meditate on those things that are bothering you.

In doing this identify the true root of your feelings. Get beyond what you perceive the problem to be and really ask yourself questions that might lead beyond what you believe to be the cause to the true problems and difficulties that are making you feel this way.

After doing this be sure to commit it to paper! After recording my thoughts I get a much clearer picture of the magnitude of my feelings. I am sure most of you agree it is at the very point that we ponder these thoughts that they begin to run wild in our minds. By narrowing them down to paper we can better grasp them and get that necessary sense of how to adjust and deal with them.

Upon completing this list take a little time to identify the things that can be done to combat your undesirable feelings. For instance today I had a bit of a feeling that I was overburdened by projects that I needed to complete.

Upon following the steps outlined above I was able to look at what I'd written in a more objective and clear nature. I can tell you that I found a feeling of comfort because written right there for me was a list of steps that I could take to help me reduce the problems that I faced which were right in front of me.

Often recording your thoughts and feeling is a great help in developing more clarity. Start using this idea to your benefit.

-- Here's to your success, Josh Hinds

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