Financial Abundance And Peace Of Mind Are One!

There are only two emotions we can experience; love or fear. It should be obvious to you that any emotion based on love is positive while any emotion based on fear is negative. Examples of love based emotions are feelings such as forgiveness, hope, charity, compassion, calmness, and peace. Examples of fear based emotions are feelings such as anger, depression, hopelessness, and worry. What most people simply don't understand is that they can consciously decide to experience the world from a perspective of love or fear; they don't have to experience fearful perceptions projected about them throughout the day.

It should be obvious to you that a person who "loves their work" will be much more successful than someone "who hates their job." I teach college finance students and smart home study investors not only how to analyze which stocks are setting up for big moves in this or the next decade but also how to be at peace with the markets with which they interact. I can't tell you how comforting investing became for me when I reached the stage that I didn't have to make money in the market to enjoy today.

I finally began learning that I really have everything that I need. This was a fundamental change in my psychology that has opened doors for me that I could never have imagined. Let me repeat what peace of mind is. Someone with true peace of mind knows that they have everything they need such that they see no scarcity or fear in the world about them!

There are many pathways to peace of mind but the most direct I know is through dedicated study of "A Course In Miracles." I became aware of a "A Course In Miracles" through Dr. Van Tharp, Ph.D. a clinical psychologist and cutting edge practitioner of behavioral finance. He recommends "A Course In Miracles" to his advanced wealth creation students who take his wealth building workshops through the Van Tharp Institute in Cary, North Carolina. "A Course In Miracles" will teach you the psychological skill of true forgiveness that will become your most powerful tool to achieving your peace of mind and true abundance in your life.

I personally have witnessed how students who practice the course have achieved greater harmony and peace with the world about them. Specifically, I have seen long soured friendships and family relationships heal and transform back into loving interaction. The "Course in Miracles" daily meditations and manual readings are the most powerful way I know for an advanced student of investments to achieve great harmony, peace, and equilibrium in their family and business life!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D., the Wallet Doctor, is a successful investor. Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in finance. The Wallet Doctor is sought after for investment advice and coaching. For more information visit Dr. Brown's site at"> or sign up for his investment tips at">