How You Treat People Matters

I encountered several interesting people that really taught me something. The first person was a man who works for Mc Donald in Thousand Oaks Mall. If you look at him for the first time, you may think that he is a quiet and shy person. You may even think that he is not nice and you may think that he is the last person that will help you. He is not very attractive; he wears no jewelry, or not even a watch. I watched him worked really hard by mopping the floor and he kept the Mc Donald very clean.

As I tried to get some soda, the tray where I had my milk shake, ice cream, burger and fries fell on the floor. This man ran toward me and started to help me picking up the stuff as I kneeled down and tried to clean up the mess. He told me "Don't worry about it Sir, I will do this for you!" He even grabbed my hand and took me to the cashier and told the cashier to give me new fries, burger, ice cream, and milk shake. Then he smiled really wide and made me feel important.

When I was eating, he came and greeted me and asked me how I was doing that day. It made me wants to give and pour a lot of blessings on this man because of his positive attitude, kindness and carrying attitude.

Then I went to Trader Joe the next day, I saw a rude lady in a blue dress who wears a lot of jewelries who tried to run me over with her shopping cart without saying sorry or anything. She didn't even look at me when she tried to do that. She looked rich, but her attitude was horrible. She did this to every one else in the store, no excuse me or sorry.

What made it worse was she stood behind me at the cashier. She started to become impatient, rude and started to grumble and hitting my shopping cart with hers. The Trader Joe's cashier saw what the mean lady did and we looked at each other and couldn't understand what the lady was doing. As I loaded my groceries into my cart, the mean lady started to complain at the cashier and giving them mean look. I think she has either mental problem or some kind of anger and attitude problems.

It made me angry for a short while, but I managed to brush it off. My mentor told me that we shouldn't try to confront an angry or crazy person, because it will create a war and road rage on the road. I lost all respect and regards toward that lady.

I hope you learned something from the story. How you treat other people matters! All my success in life, I can trace it from how I treat other people who are far wealthier and successful than I am. I treat them with kindness, love and respect. Not every one of them responds with kindness, love and respect, but it is an okay thing. When they don't responds, it doesn't mean that I am going to stop being nice, kind and loving. I still have to live by the Golden rules because the rewards are far greater than when I don't live by the golden rules.

What you don't respect, it will flee away from you. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. The reason why I say God and not people, it's because people will upset and hurt you, because we are not perfect, how many times you treat someone good and he/she ends up hurting you.

When you are being nice to someone, usually someone else will reward you later. You reap what you sow, you sow an apple seed and you will get an apple tree, you sow a kind, loving, and carrying attitude, you will reap the same things. If you want to get punched, try to throw a punch at someone, he/she will punch you back. If you want someone to smile at you, try to smile at them.

Let me remind you this, there are few difficult people out there who make other people's life miserable. Let me remind you this, we also can be difficult people when we are in a bad mood. So watch your action and mood, don't let it ruin you. The best way to stop a bad attitude is, to catch it when it first starts in your mind. When you start to talk negative internally, you can tell yourself "Stop it! There I go again." You're in control of your attitude and that's good news.

Go out there and make a difference! Be nice, courteous, kind, loving, friendly and respectful. You will be rewarded!

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