Knowing the Power of Positive Thinking

In the self-help and wellness industry, a mission has been designed to aid those around us to be more fulfilled, more joyful, more confident?you name it. The adage, think positive, be positive is one that millions of people have taken on, at least in thought. And though positive thinking can certainly push aside our negative thought patterns that spiral us to a sense of low self-esteem, helplessness, hopelessness and a pattern of feeling stuck or trapped in a life we would like to change, thinking alone will not help.

Without action, your thoughts are merely stepping stones to a dream. ~Gina Kovacs

Sound simple? Because it is. Wherever your thoughts lay will certainly manifest itself by words and deeds. To take a big step forward, begin by changing your thoughts, your words and your actions.

I have a client who would like to lose ten pounds. She would like to be, in effect, thinner. In asking her how she would feel by losing ten pounds, she explained she would feel healthy, fit, and attractive. "On top of her game"; I was excited for her. Being "on top of your game" and saying you are on top of your game means that anything you say and do has to be that in which you are on top of your game. Would a person who sees themselves on top of their game eat a Big Mac, French fries and Coke? I doubt it.

When an aspect of your life is at a point when you can't stand the frustrations of it one moment longer, you are ready for that change. Let's take losing weight for example. When you are at a point that you can not stand looking in the mirror, angry at the fact that you can not get into your jeans, and frustrated to even look at those infomercials that show before and afters for the hundredth time of people who have successfully achieved their goals, you are at a pivot point for change.

Remember: If someone at any time has ever done whatever it is you would like to accomplish, then you can do it too.

When you have a direction and are excited about that direction, that pivot point has power. Don't ever think for one moment that you can not make changes in your life that will gain you greater confidence, fulfillment, and inner peace. One small step can begin a domino effect. It's that simple.

Life coaching has helped many people reach their goals. My company, Living by Design, is the product of my own experiences and of those around me. We are in a world of radical change. If we don't take the time to stop, take a moment to really look at our life and make the changes needed in order to have the most joyful and exhilarating experience possible, life will surely pass us by in a blink and we will have missed out on what "could have been".

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Gina Kovacs is a Life Coach, certifying through the Coaching Academy of North America, Inc., specializing in the fields of personal, relationship, spiritual, and weight loss coaching. Gina holds a BA in Philosophy from Siena College and is an author and motivational speaker in the field of personal and life coaching. Please logon to"> for more information on how Living by Design can help you.