Motivate To Activate A Positive Lifestyle

What do you do when things in your life don't turn out to your satisfaction? What do you do when your goal-setting plans go astray, or when you expect something special in your life to happen and it just doesn't work out?

What happens to you when you have a major financial crisis, a serious health problem, a family problem or anything that suddenly disrupts your whole life? Do you give up? Throw in the towel? Or do you say, "I knew things wouldn't work out I'll just give up.

I Hope this is not what happens to you! That is Not "The Cure" No! No! No! Don't let a little temporary failure get you down. Never give up. This is the time to develop a positive mindset to ward off those negative feelings.

Hurry!! Get some positive input before you DIE OUT ... FIZZLE OUT ... LOSE FAITH. Quick!! Get rid of that "STINKIN THINKIN" (the phrase that the famous Zig Ziglar uses) before it gets so bad that you can't stand it any longer.

OK! So what do you do now? What's the answer to your problem? Here's what I recommend you do when you have been dealt with any disappointments or major challenges in your life.

(1) STOP!! What you are doing immediately.

(2) Find a place to relax. Sit back in your favorite lounge chair or lie down in your bed or couch. If you are in your car pull off the road and find a quiet place to park.

(3) Close your eyes. Do not think of anything negative. In fact,empty your mind of any negative thoughts that you have right now. (It may not be easy but try hard anyway) And most importantly, put that recent failure completely out of your mind.

(4) Now, picture in your mind the last time you had the most pleasurable successes and/or positive experiences in your Life

For example:

* You won a big contest.

* You had the largest sales figure in your company.

* You got a company promotion you had been striving for years

* You won a two-week cruise package.

* You had a dramatic increase in your investment

* You solved a serious problem in your life you've had for a long time.

(5) OK. Now make this picture as vivid as possible. Give it color, texture, motion, the excitement it generated at the time. Do whatever gives you the most vivid picture of it.

(6) Think. What did you do before to make this success such a joyous experience? Did you cause it to happen or did someone else help contribute to the pleasant experience? If you caused it, exactly what did you do to make it come about? If someone else helped to make it happen, what did he or she do to help you make it realty?

(7) Finally dwell on these thoughts for a few minutes and see if you can apply any positive action to the goal or situation in your life that just failed.

Do you see a positive solution now? Will this exercise help you find the "cure all" for your "stinkin thinkin" in the future?.

Do you see what I'm trying to get you to do here? I want you to get some views of positive past experiences in your life. This will help you set up a strong determination so that nothing will prevent you from ever achieving the goals you so desperately want for yourself.

You see one of the biggest problems people face is that they are surrounded by all kinds of negative imput from other people, the news media, challenges that occur periodically, disappointments and a host of other things that happen to you daily.

So what's the solution? You have to counteract by taking control of what goes into your mind. You don't want negative imput to get you off track for achieving goals and handling challenges. You need to spent at least 30 minutes a day (preferably in the morning) flooding your mind with positive messages you find on CD's, Audio's, Video's in Books.

By applying a simple 8 step formula you'll be able to create a "Sunny Day" in your mind everyday no matter what the weather is outside. Because a "Sunny Day" really does start in the mind if you desire it.

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