Finding Meaning in Life: Three Steps

So how do we find meaning? The first step is through personal experiences - experiences through something to which we are familiar and through someone we value. Develop your appreciation of beauty - that is heightening your sensitivity to beauty such as in great art or wonders in nature. The most important of all these type of experiences is the love we feel toward each other. To love another and to demonstrate this to such an extent as to allow your beloved to develop - and by doing this we will find that we develop meaning ourselves. Love is the highest purpose to which we can aspire.

Not to make the mistake of confusing sex with love. Sex can only be enjoyed fully when it is a physical expression of love. Maybe you will scoff but how many people do you know who are happy jumping from one bed to another.

A second step to meaning in your life is through creative values. Doing good, a good act toward a fellow human being - do it and see how you feel afterwards. Live life to the full, but not becoming busy. We are all guilty of running around with no time to do anything at all! No, become involved in a methodical and purposeful way, have zest for life. Get a project to become involved with anything creative such as, music, writing, art. something inventive.

The third way is your attitude. As the great philosopher said - it is better to treat people the way you would like them to treat you. Your attitude will bounce back to you. By going as far as - dare I say - not putting yourself first. We are all told to look after number one - it is all about you - does it feel good for you - what do you get out of it. Think about it - what would it be like if truly everyone thought only about themselves. A young couple about to get married they love each other - do they put themselves first? No - no they do not. However, give them a few years of marriage and both parties are unhappy because of me, myself and I. Do not forget your first love - return to your first love and discover the meaning. The attitude you give out to others will have an effect on you. To be positive and see good in everything takes practice. Being positive is hard work - however - negative thoughts will just happen all by themselves.

Always I say it is down to choice. We may feel we are victims in a situation but you have a choice to stay in misery or do something about it - and it starts with you, with the three steps above and not looking to other to blame. Meaning to your life will not just happen it is a choice you must make.

Bethel is a community initiative - putting others first that we may all benefit."> is using tourism to fund the community projects. We are based in Arusha Northern Tanzania. Our primary focus is education of our young children and family health.